Minecraft – Modern House 56

Minecraft - Modern House 56Minecraft – Modern House 56 The Minecraft Inspiration Series! Give it a LIKE if you did enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn Shaders for 1.8 Tutorial – http://goo.gl/q6jx4A…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 23rd, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – Modern House 56”

  1. Ties Leijssenaar Says:

    I would give this house a 9 out of 10. Because the house is very cozy and
    modern, but the pool is missing.

  2. ELYZIUM~keeper34 Says:

    8/10 because of no pool and no privacy

  3. Timitrie Mac Donald Says:

    hey i am a littel new to minecraft zo kan sombody pleas help me by telling
    me hou i can get thair

  4. G9 Music Says:

    I was designing a house like this in my head, i mean EXACTLY like it. I was
    just about to build it in Minecraft too dammit. Can i still build it or
    would that be copyright infringement?

  5. Ryan Chen Says:

    wow O_O its kinda like Japanese Traditional House!!

  6. Lord Krigarjonas Says:

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  7. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – Modern House 56

  8. Tecno_ Says:

    Thank you so much Keralis!

  9. Fraser Gough Says:

    Great video !

  10. UnpoppedPopcorn Says:

    Great to finally see a modern house not made in white materials!!
    Definitely what gave me inspiration!!

    Like you said yourself, a 9 out of 10, it needs a pool ^^

  11. petrucci15 Says:

    there should be a drinking game in these videos…everytime Andy says
    “ooh…that is clever!” when the thing he is looking at isnt actually
    clever at all haha

  12. MisterOwlz Says:

    absolutly beautiful! So much inspiration! Amazing interior ideas! And I’m
    loving the kudos! Great Video Keralis! :) easy 9

  13. Gian-Luca Gagliardi Grant Says:

    Its kind of like a series of cabins… I love it!

  14. Jasper Rauhanen Says:

    4/10 it is just a wooden box 

  15. HubbaPlays MC Says:

    Question, the link to Flow’s HD texture pack isn’t working, and since I had
    to unfortunately get a new computer I would like to download it again. Is
    there a different way to get it?

  16. Keralis Says:

    At first glimpse this house might not look as much but oh boy, there is so
    much inspiration and creativity put into this. Let me know what you think
    about this concept?

  17. Jammy Chambers Says:

    I would rate this 7.899

  18. Aero Virus Says:

    I mis the housen from theshadowdm and FFLexample

  19. Kannst Mich Mal Says:

    why are u producing so much crap with retardcraft? dude u waste ur
    potential… pretty sad

  20. AgentAndroid Says:

    What is the name of the song in the background?

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