Minecraft Mob Guide – The Wither

Minecraft Mob Guide - The WitherThe is the second boss mob added to the game, and is far more ferocious than the Enderdragon. This video goes into depth about these fiends. A Wither can onl…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Mob Guide – The Wither”

  1. gameguy8101 Says:

    Protip if you use horses: have a stack of wheat on you, youc

  2. MrCreeperkiller6 Says:

    Poor Horsey :( Oh and Yay You’re Back :)

  3. Thanos Mot Says:

    AS the rock says:Finnaly and when the rock says finnaly …

  4. ArgonaEasterne Says:

    MasterOfTheEggs2029: Also remember, there are many ways to kill the Wither. How would you do it?

    Me: I DON’T KNOW

  5. Pedosworld Says:


  6. Kalilu Jawara Says:

    yay youre back!

  7. Yanai Nazimov Says:

    masteroftheeggs2029 maybe you will do another guides like block guide or item guide?

  8. ChocolateCake207 Says:

    Wow! This episode was awesome :D

  9. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    Just tested, and the WIKI LIES TO ME AGAIIIIIN!!! >.<

  10. adrianvalverde99 Says:

    Wow glad you are back nice vid bro
    Why not make a redstone trap guides??? :D

  11. tusaispasqui Says:

    your video is still awesome like all the others :)

  12. Kalilu Jawara Says:

    i think it would be useful to have at least 4 milk buckets to reverse the wither effect

  13. Jave Lafuente Says:

    Ahhh, finally.

  14. Thanos Mot Says:

    can u make live commentaries?You are so pro….

  15. ClumsyDesert652 Says:

    About time this came back. :)

  16. gameingpro99 Says:

    Yay your back with more great videos !!!!!! :)

  17. Colin Blake Says:

    How do I do it? I use Tim the enchanter and go Chuck Norris on its ass.

  18. tusaispasqui Says:

    just a thing : sorry but health potions pierce the Wither Armor

  19. Victorino Noyola Says:


  20. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    You just watched a 7 minute video about how to… d_b

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