Minecraft Mob Guide – The Witch

Minecraft Mob Guide - The WitchThe Witch is a dark exiled villager, now turning to evil magic and potions to thwart those who come to close. We shall attempt to take a closer look at this vile fiend. Witches have a similar appearance to the villager mob, and they wear purple and green robes with brown leggings underneath. They have large noses (which moves slowly around on the Witch’s face, as stated in Dinnerbone’s tweet) with a single wart and have lavender colored eyes. They wear the usual witch hat with a green buckle on it, and their skin is slightly paler than the normal villager. However, witches periodically give off purple star particles similar to the villager’s green stars. Tags : Mine Craft Minecraft Witch Magic Potion Splash “Splash Potion” how to “how to” tutorial guide mob villager npc hostile passive neutral swamp biome hut 1.4 1.0 1.3 1.2.5 version update new Hogwarts wizard Dumbledore “Splash potion of Harming” “Splash potion of Poison” Fire Resistance “Fire Resistance” Healing Pot

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