Minecraft Mob Guide – The Rabbit

Minecraft Mob Guide - The RabbitPlease be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE! The Rabbit is a (mostly) passive fluffy creature that hops about the plains, forests and hills of the overworld. This video goes into depth…

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10 Responses to “Minecraft Mob Guide – The Rabbit”

  1. BooGiGi123 Says:

    He is alive!

  2. Wolf_king_dan/uɐp‾ƃuıʞ‾ɟloʍ™ Says:

    Would it be ok if I made my own version of this?

  3. Dylan Gould Says:

    Please make videos more often make videos of building stuff like the
    creeper you made a long time ago

  4. Xz0mbies1ayerXD Says:

    He is back

  5. ThePanda Says:


  6. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    NEW *different* video coming soon after!

  7. Bonnie the Bunny Says:


  8. halobrock369 Says:


  9. pokegirl 2004 Says:

    yay u took my suggestion! and other peoples… maybe.

  10. TheSkullcrusher73 Says:

    You should move on to new video games if you can, listing any info you can
    about them. Just a suggestion coming from someone who doesn’t play
    minecraft anymore.

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