Minecraft Mob Guide – The Enderdragon

Minecraft Mob Guide - The EnderdragonFinally, we reach the final boss of Minecraft. The terror of the void and the predator of dark winds; in this video, we shall take a close look at the Enderdragon. The Ender Dragon is the first official boss mob to appear in Minecraft (with the second being the Wither, introduced in pre-release 12w34a). It only naturally spawns in The End. This mob uses the dragon model Notch created, but utilizes a texture more reminiscent of an Enderman, being black and scaly with purple eyes. Music credits: Kevin Macleod — Interloper Tags: “Minecraft (Video Game)” Minecraft Mine Craft Mob Guide “Minecraft Mob Guide” Boss End The Ender Realm Dragon Enderdragon Enderman Pearls Eye “Eye of ender” silverfish Herobrine Zombie Pigman Stone Obsidian Void Vechs Vanilla Tutorial How to “how to” help pc gaming 1.0.0 1.1.0 1.2.1 1.3.1 1.4.2 update version Xbox 360 Edition “Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform)” “Xbox 360″ “Minecraft Xbox” “Xbox Minecraft”

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  1. Teodor5553 Says:

    nice…but how about wither?

  2. antonio pecorella Says:

    minecraft is herobrine?

  3. youserock123 Says:

    Mote2029 can you make mob guide for witches ?

  4. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    …Well, we already have the Wither, I just need to legitimately summon one in survival because I don’t want to cheat myself out of the experience. :)

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the Xbox version will ever be on the same version as PC Minecraft, as they’re both updating at very fast rates.

  5. youserock123 Says:

    And tf2 guides they really helped me

  6. TheArrowOfDestiny Says:

    on halloween. that was worth the waiting

  7. TheGuroGamer Says:

    I hope we get that update the same time it gets on PC so that both verisons are up-to-date

  8. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    Definitely saving the Wither until after some of the other new mobs, I need to summon and fight Withers myself first, but it is definitely coming! :)

  9. crazydog292 Says:

    @MasterOfTheEggs2029 what do you use to edit?

  10. pier416416 Says:

    Nice videos

  11. LegoKman2000 Says:


  12. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    Before anyone asks, that Golden sword is my “utility” sword. I usually shove mid-high enchantments on golden swords hoping for high levels of “looting”, as gold tools get the most out of enchantments. To save durability, I only ever deal finishing blows with the gold sword to make the most of it.

  13. HighskillCharly Says:

    First :D Im so Aswume BTW: Great Videos

  14. Xboxplayi Says:

    Are you making a guide for all mobs ?

  15. youserock123 Says:

    Oh nvm didn’t see end of vid xD

  16. pointlessman123 Says:


  17. SuperEddieBros Says:

    Witch on 1.4 Or Bats on 1.4

  18. William Wong Says:


  19. ninjajutin2000 Says:


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