Minecraft Mob Guide – Enderman

Minecraft Mob Guide - EndermanThe spectral wanderer of another realm crosses into ours. These are enemies that are not to be trifled with, and not to be angered at all. An Enderman (plural Endermen) is a three-block-high, humanoid, neutral mob. Endermen are known for their unique ability to teleport and pick up blocks. Along with those abilities, they also have a peculiar way of becoming provoked; as well as becoming provoked when attacked, Endermen will also become hostile when a player looks at their upper legs, torso, or head. Endermen frequently spawn in The End, their home world, but they still require a light level of seven or less in order to spawn. They will also spawn in the Overworld, although about 10 times more rarely in comparison to other mobs. They can be seen regularly at night in groups of up to five. Tags: “Minecraft (Video Game)” “Mob (video Gaming)” Mine craft Minecraft “Minecraft mob guide” mob guide tutorial how to “how to” xbox 360 edition “Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform)” Ender End The EnderDragon Dragon man Enderman Zombie silverfish herobrine skeleton spider cave

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  1. InternetulOmoaraTV Says:

    Awesome! :)

  2. Thornofspades Says:

    But how do you kill an Enderman? And don’t they drop like an Eye of something which lets you teleport?

  3. TheArrowOfDestiny Says:

    they drop enderpearls and i am not sure maybe ender eye but you can trow an enderpearl and where it lands is where you teleport or you can put them in a crafting bench with blaze powder and make an ender eye when you trow these they wil lead you to an underground fortress or you can place them in an un-finished endportal

  4. MasterOfTheEggs2029 Says:

    Zombie Villager’s are too minor to require a full mob guide, however I may create more “villager guides”, as they’re rapidly becoming more and more complex.

    Also, have fun next Monday, where you’re guaranteed an Enderdragon guide! (No more 3 week waits, xD)

  5. selvut998 Says:

    Endermen are awesome.

  6. utubewatcher9100 Says:

    Wow I never realized how strong endermen really are. But I did always know that they are the real threat in the enderdragon fight.

  7. P3GTimmu Says:

    I very like you’re videos! Even if i can’t play minecraft, i still like watching you’re vids! (i subscribed) :P

  8. SuperEddieBros Says:

    Do a Mob guide on enderdragon.

  9. Xboxplayi Says:

    Like it you make this videos good

  10. TheGamingGlitcherHD Says:


  11. NerfCox97 Says:

    Do a mob guide on Steve!

  12. TheGamingGlitcherHD Says:

    do do all 1.4 mobs

    Zombie Villager
    Wither boss and wither skeleton

  13. mahnking9 Says:

    you need more views and like’s

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