MINECRAFT MOB ATTACK! (Server Event)Next Event Saturday at 5PM UK Time :) Server IP: jcvsmc.com Server provided by http://Minetown.net Follow me on twitter! http://twitter.com/jcvsmc MOVEMBER P…

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Filed under jcvsmc : Comments (4) : Nov 1st, 2013

4 Responses to “MINECRAFT MOB ATTACK! (Server Event)”

  1. william pham Says:

    Awwww yeaaah I saw me in a zombie apocalypse skin build cover and all XD thx jc I’ve been waited for this video to upload so long!

  2. Alabar3000 Says:

    Calm music at the beginning for building was just genius!

  3. LXG Frost Says:

    It’s been so long since I last went on your server, I’ll have to check it out again :)

  4. xenezort Says:

    when is the server gonna update to 1.7?

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