Minecraft Mini-Games with Aureylian

Minecraft Mini-Games with AureylianToday I played Mini-Games with Aureylian (http://youtube.com/aureylian). Make sure to check her out because she is amazing! We played lots of different games. The three we played in this video…

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Filed under MinecraftChick : Comments (20) : May 15th, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft Mini-Games with Aureylian”

  1. Karls_kay_79 Says:

    Your awesome i like the pig one :) ily guys 

  2. Skul Van Hellsing Says:

    YAAAAAAY MCC <3 come play minecraft with me sometime ‘Kay! :D

  3. MLG x JosephMC JosephTheMiner Says:

    Soo cool ^_^ 

  4. Aaron Cosgrove Says:

    YAY! Another video!! Every Tuesday!

  5. Carissa Poyfair Says:

    Maybe you can do hide and seek that would be fun right??

  6. Stephanie Lopez Says:

    And only two viewers :(

  7. Kyle Crafter Says:

    Continue the MCC’s Mushroom House please? 

  8. Kaitlyn Gurnsey Says:

    You are amazing at bacon brawl!!

  9. TommyvsGaming Says:

    Survival game

  10. Alexis Casterella Says:

    Hunger games and speeding

  11. ellie durkan Says:

    Wow!!!! Ur so good at that pig game!!!!!!

  12. Thalia Schiesswohl Says:

    your hair is cute again not saying it was ugly before i just like it
    styled like that

  13. francine guenther Says:

    1st? Ily u guys!

  14. Dell Cartledge Says:

    Hide and seek

  15. julia beltran Says:

    Two of my favorite YouTube’s!!!!!!omg so cool :)

  16. ihatepie Says:

    I like the minigames at the Hypixel server, they are making “The Arcade
    Games” Right now! You schould check it out when it’s out :D

  17. Ninty Ayansa Says:

    Awesome video, Lydia!

  18. Vojta štěpančík Says:

    Actually, I can’t wait to the Aurey’s version. Looks pretty cool. When do
    you play? Because I guess that I’m in some other timezone and I’d like to
    have chance to meet you both.

  19. Reid Miles Says:

    You have gotten cuter…

  20. UltraRockHamCake Says:

    Got milk?

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