Minecraft Mini Games with Aureylian: Death Montage

Minecraft Mini Games with Aureylian: Death MontageToday is the second part of Mini games in Minecraft with Aureylian. Make sure to check out her channel here: http://youtube.com/Aureylian We played a great game where tons of enderdragons are…

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Filed under MinecraftChick : Comments (20) : May 21st, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft Mini Games with Aureylian: Death Montage”

  1. Skydoes Games Says:

    What server did u play it on? And what is the name of the mini game?

  2. Lisa Lockwood Says:
  3. fern Says:

    Still love your videos! Keep it going! Been here from the start! <3

  4. Kaitlyn Berko Says:

    What is your next video gonna be ?!

  5. jeremy edmunds Says:

    Funny how low down your channel has gone..

  6. Ruairi Forrest Says:

    Ignore all the negative hate Lydia, you are the best and you are one of my
    favorite youtubers ever! +MinecraftChick I love Tuesday’s because of you

  7. flaming3000 Says:

    The idea is to get to the highest possible point and if possible have the
    most blocks within leap distance or underneath you.

  8. Lisa Lockwood Says:


  9. Wattanak Gamez Says:


  10. Nico Davis Says:


  11. MiniMarioBros Says:


  12. Dani May Says:

    I feel like you talk very quietly like you are trying to be quiet. Is that
    just me?

  13. KorStonesword Says:

    Next time please turn down your minecraft sounds please . I had trouble
    hearing your voices over the dragons breathing.

  14. David Mc Says:

    Love the dance at the end!
    You make every Tuesday better!!!!!

  15. Radicaldanny Says:

    Ironic note, some people say the Enderdragon is called Lydia… XD

  16. PychoPavilion Says:

    i have to say your hair looks best brunette , and btw if you have time
    visit my server plz for my b-day 24th?

  17. Aaron Cosgrove Says:

    YAYAYAY! It’s back again! TUESDAY!!!!

  18. Ninty Ayansa Says:

    Great video, Lydia! Tuesday is the new best day of the week!

  19. SSJHiro11 Says:

    one of the most famous names in minecraft has less than 100k, Jeez

  20. Sarah Nitkiewicz Says:

    Minecraft chick can you do a Q&A vid. And can you ask me to add horses to
    minecraft xbox 360 lol thx. Love you

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