Minecraft Minecart Collection System – Hermitcraft #31

Minecraft Minecart Collection System - Hermitcraft #31SUBSCRIBE to my Minecraft channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/monkeyfarm?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter (MCmonkeyfarm): http://twitter.com/MCmonkeyfarm Want to support my …

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Filed under monkeyfarm : Comments (20) : Apr 26th, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft Minecart Collection System – Hermitcraft #31”

  1. Nano MK Says:

    Monkeyfarm you need to fix your resourcepack

  2. Sling Blade Says:

    Monkey,your videos brighten my day,thank you for making me happier.

  3. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  4. Pdubs Pvp Says:

    Dear MonkeyFarm.

    Recently I have really loved the building side of Minecraft. I attempted
    improving my skills but plays come single player.
    In the first 30 mins I got bored and for some reason didn’t find it as fun
    as I imagined it.
    I was wondering if you play on any Maltiplayer server that I could join?
    Or maybe you could take some time to build stuff with me?
    It’s more fun as a team! 

  5. 5tickyb0y Says:

    turn the mob spawner into a floating fantasy-ish island like this

  6. Darren Delaney Says:

    Should make the mob spawner into a monkey head so everyone knows its a
    monkey island :D

  7. Alex Banwell Says:

    you should make the mob spawner into a giant death star

  8. Hsk ToiletScrub Says:

    Hey MonkeyFarm, if you put soul sand and you crash your boat into the soul
    sand the boat won’t break

  9. austin B Says:


  10. Sevith Says:

    You should make the mobspawner a giant ancient stone mushroom. That would
    look so awesome, definitely with your build style and texture pack. Your
    banner would also make more sense. :P You’re awesome and keep on the good

  11. Emrys Jay Says:

    great vid friend! :) keep it up

  12. Rick Tonnema Says:

    Nice video (: You should make a hole with zuiljin for hermit holes!! Also i
    think a ufo CAN be a good idea but with a teleportation beam what
    covers/hide the long pillow under the mushroom you have now. A statue is
    also cool, but it has to be original :D
    A monkeyfarm statue in a different theme?
    Good luck and keep it going man!

  13. God Blade Says:

    Great video! =D

  14. 99piplup99 Says:

    Turn the mob spawner into a monkey nut or the death star!

  15. Alex Banwell Says:

    great video today!

  16. bopiweirdo Says:

    UFO would be amazing!!!!!!

  17. Jeremy Ems Says:

    You could still turn the mob spawner into a giant mushroom. Just put it on
    a floating land mass made of mycelium to keep from making a long stem.

  18. Hupf4 Says:

    Love the base. Wish i could build like that :)

  19. Liam Joyce Says:

    good video :)

  20. yunkel73 Says:

    nice video xD

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