Minecraft MEGA Modded Survival #14 | THE HUNT FOR THAUMCRAFT ASPECTS – Minecraft Mod Pack

Minecraft MEGA Modded Survival #14 | THE HUNT FOR THAUMCRAFT ASPECTS - Minecraft Mod PackMinecraft MEGA Modded Survival #14 | THE HUNT FOR ASPECTS! Welcome to Minecraft MEGA Modded Survival with Minecraft Universe. ♫ Listen to Adventure …

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Filed under MinecraftUniverse : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft MEGA Modded Survival #14 | THE HUNT FOR THAUMCRAFT ASPECTS – Minecraft Mod Pack”

  1. alec arnaoutoglou Says:

    whats the opposite of ASPECT?


  2. iOSGaming 101 Says:

    The more you mine/use any Tinker’sConstruct tools/weapons, the stronger it
    becomes for example: the exp in the advanced tooltips, is how much exp for
    the tool until you get it upgraded. Also the “currently harvestable, pay
    attention to it for new ores, if the word after “mining level is red,
    it means you can’t mine it. Hope this was helpful. :D

  3. Jetaime Gaming Says:

    I’m the 20th viewer

  4. sarah strong Says:

    #6 :D

  5. HaganPlays MC Says:

    Jason wheres your face cam u did it once

  6. Melody Master Says:

    finally MU starting thaumcraft it is quite recommended because there is
    taint on the way
    If you start a mod pack with thaumcraft it must be the first thing to do
    because of taint
    It will spread all over the world until you give up the world
    BTW find a silver wood tree , get shimmerleaf, chop the tree down
    If MU made an episode that he has the infusion altar I’ll explain why you
    have to chop the silver wood tree and get its wood

  7. MPT10 Says:

    I am in around 83rd

  8. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  9. Edward Song Says:

    1st comment!

  10. sarlon51 Says:

    how can a video have only 94 views but have 100 likes/dislikes?

  11. eman bawalan Says:

    if you morph into horse, you will jump higher and jumping in 1 block high
    without pressing the jump key

  12. Jetaime Gaming Says:

    Can u make a world download at the end of the series?

  13. Potato Master Says:

    Jason should do a “Draw my life” video. It would be pretty interesting to
    learn more about my favorite Youtuber :3

  14. Chris Green Says:

    +MinecraftUniverse Put soulbound enchant on everything.Whatevery u enchant
    it on the item stays with u when u die no matter what unless u drop it

  15. Susan Feuerborn Says:

    Jason, how long will it take until you get into Galacticraft I really want
    to see you travel to the moon.

  16. NewAge Gaming Says:

    Given that your name is “Minecraft Universe” I would really like for you to
    start exploring the universe with galacticraft hmm? ;)

  17. Sygma Luculent Says:

    Try getting enhanced brewing stands from HEE, u can make some real OP
    potions with it
    Also get deep into blood magic for some really insane armour and weapons

  18. Christian Hinojos Says:

    Please study thomicraft alot because I really like this mod and like
    watching it plus it would help you also when your doing rituals later in

  19. Yuri Manas Says:

    trumu make an rapier because if zombies and skeleton wear’s armor it will
    go througt the armour but make the strongest metal of all

  20. Matt k Says:

    130 views 134 likes.. ILLUMINATEH CONFHERMED

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