Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 170 – Barn Rasin

Minecraft Let's Play: Episode 170 - Barn RasinIn this episode I complete the barn! I also give a completed view of the barn, and what it’d look like with all of its hay towards the end of the video, so feel free to skip all the building…

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15 Responses to “Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 170 – Barn Rasin”

  1. Skyler WolfGirl Says:

    Nice work ;) the reason why I subscribed

  2. KDG-Mowerguy Justin Says:

    Hey tyken 

  3. Tyken132 Says:
  4. Mineshafter Says:

    Tyken do you still have Vish working on your server?

  5. bunhamable Says:

    The mic is kinda low :/

    PS How’s Katherine doing?

  6. Mexicandew Says:

    What happend to your computer, Tyken?
    I remember it used to run MC smoothly and with high graphics

  7. KixP3 Says:

    Great vid :D btw for the night sky to have that galaxy look do you need to
    have optifine installed in order for it to work?

  8. GAMEreviewer247 Says:

    When you do put hey in the stables you should put them in a random pattern,
    facing up, side ways ect. Just to give it a messy feel

  9. edpunch01 Says:

    Tyken yay

  10. Jack Lin Says:

    Your game sounds are too loud and ur mic is too low

  11. RedgyFrom Canadia Says:

    I have many questions one will I add the no creatures again two when will
    save file be up again three is your server up and finally four please youse
    your texture pack yes it takes a while to update but it looks better and
    five can there be a link to your texture pack 

  12. Skyler WolfGirl Says:

    Hi Tyken 

  13. Seres322 Says:

    Nice video tyken keep up the good work and congrats on 100k cheers for the
    next 100

  14. RedgyFrom Canadia Says:

    Oh and what happened to the villagers

  15. Kenny1997 Says:

    Thanks for the feedback re-the jungle wood planks! I’ve re-tweaked it and
    added a bit more contrast while making it a bit darker 

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