Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 169 – Lofty Dreams

Minecraft Let's Play: Episode 169 - Lofty DreamsFinally back in the saddle and working on minecraft videos! Pun only slightly intended. In this video I begin work on my barn for my little farm house and to store all of my cattle and sheep….

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (20) : Feb 21st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 169 – Lofty Dreams”

  1. bunhamable Says:

    oh tyken… you must upload a lot more! I can never get enough of your

  2. Jake Wagar Says:

    You were right about the fence but will you were gone the recipe changed

  3. Wave Says:

    It’s been long Tyken..

  4. Vipergamezz Says:

    I remember your first house! That was 2011,2012! I am still a big fan! 

  5. DokuCraftHandsomeDan Says:

    Glad to see you’re back :)

  6. Mike 362000 Says:

    Awesome video!!!! I can not wait to check out your world so far when you
    post it on this video!!

  7. hatchetone100 Says:

    Thanks for replying tyken, I’m on mobile so I can’t say “thank you” in the
    same comment string, so thank you.

    P.S. Go watch some of your really old videos, the nostalgia is real.

  8. Im Tabe Says:

    “Stupid? Stupider?”

    You’re not proving your point Tyken…

  9. SXUALP0T4T0 Says:

    Glad to see you back, Tyken.

  10. Tyken132 Says:
  11. Choodel Larker Says:

    yay more videos!

  12. Xmagma Hq Says:

    yaa a new episode

  13. hatchetone100 Says:

    Does anyone know if tyken still has a copy of his old texture Pack? 

  14. Gieron Ssj Says:

    ew the grass looks like a labyrinth from above

  15. Toby Shepherd Says:


  16. Jake Wagar Says:

    And a suggestion for the roof try capping the ends with stone stairs

  17. Sione Senivota Says:

    Hey do u know happened to eedze

  18. HoLyzPiNoyZ Says:

    welcome back! been one of your early subcribers since that first video with
    you showing how to create a panic room :D

    sadly im done with mc, did u give trove a try? 

  19. MrSeanfish Says:

    Dang I did not realize how late it was until I got this notification.
    Anyway anyone out there a MTG fan?

  20. thomas eastwood Says:

    +Tyken132 Will you ever release the download?

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