Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 168 – Icy Prison

Minecraft Let's Play: Episode 168 - Icy PrisonFinally finish my Cryo-lab and even have a few captives inside of it as well! Really looking good, if I say so myself.

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (14) : Oct 14th, 2014

14 Responses to “Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 168 – Icy Prison”

  1. Patrick Leverone Says:

    The way the glowstone looks in the ceiling is really cool

  2. PappyJoeInc Says:

    Does anyone have an updated tyken texture pack I can have

  3. vladimir navarro Says:

    Hola perdon hello

  4. Cole Dobronz Says:

    I’m so happy your doing videos

  5. Exla357 Says:

    Lower your game audio. Hard to hear what you’re saying :)

  6. GTAM4STER97 Says:

    You need to put your game volume way down. I didn’t even know what you were
    saying when you were trying to get the zombie in.

  7. Tyken132 Says:
  8. SuperDanizio Says:

    by the way Tyken, i think redstone lamps can not melt ice, but i can be

  9. lukiona Says:

    Upload videos often please !

  10. GamesInHeaven Says:

    Its looking good!

  11. redd ztone Says:

    hey nice job on the cryo lab

  12. Synsix Says:

    Where have you been??

  13. SimbaMC Says:

    you should make a world download

  14. SimbaMC Says:

    tyken what version of minecraft is this because you can turn mob sounds off

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