Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 6 – Part 13 + Download

Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 6 - Part 13 + DownloadMinecraft Lets Build: Modern House 6 – Part 13 + Download Don´t forget to leave feedback, comment and favorite! Download The World Save – http://goo.gl/XFEOR…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : May 15th, 2013

20 Responses to “Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 6 – Part 13 + Download”

  1. Julliene930 Says:

    Do a Wife vs. Minecraft Season 2 in this WORLD! ms.Keralis would love this!

  2. Jonathan Low Says:


  3. jonathon jewo Says:

    And I’m a nature guy too

  4. ng jun wei Says:

    But Skyscraper please ?! Love ya

  5. raven eduarte Says:



  6. ThatFappingGuy Says:

    Found your prezzie. :) thank you, K. <3

  7. jonathon jewo Says:

    Keralis I subscribed you for a year but don’t say you have bad designs you have the best ones by the way bushes and love

  8. michael dominguez Says:

    Can you make modern house 7 in this world

  9. TheEthylon Says:

    Actually there is a texture pack called “Moartex”, it’s Soartex powered with Misa HD.

  10. jonathon jewo Says:

    Your my fav you tuber

  11. teoella76 Says:

    What vers of minecraft it is?and from where you can get it.thx

  12. kaur kanarbik Says:

    Do a mansion!

  13. andiis8 Says:

    You hate furnishing, I love it. You looove building the house, I suck at it! But your furnishing doesn’t suck, I promise! Diamonds and <3

  14. gary851 Says:

    I said it before but damn i love thes designs!

    Bedise 1 look on Keralis profile and u see his Swiss – everything is so well organized u can find anything here in a few secs :D

  15. Connor DeCean Says:

    Yeah bushes

  16. lLustify Says:


  17. LOL0108 Says:

    This is aesome house!!!!!

  18. teoella76 Says:

    By the way nice buildings


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    Thanks for your time

  20. TheEthylon Says:

    As always, I smiled at the sign in front of the map.
    Thanks for your awesome builds and all your videos Keralis. We love ya’ !

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