Minecraft – Infected UHC – Finale

Minecraft - Infected UHC - FinaleBecome a Crew Patron at: http://www.patreon.com/crewgaming In this new mode for my UHC plugin one player at the start is chosen as the immune player. The rest are infected. Every 10 minutes…

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Filed under TheHillsoftware : Comments (12) : May 4th, 2015

12 Responses to “Minecraft – Infected UHC – Finale”

  1. JTyphoon Comments Says:

    Holy crap! I love this series. Pleasedo more infected!

  2. Joseph Anchor Says:

    Love it

  3. Crew Gaming Channel Says:

    #Minecraft – Infected UHC – Finale

  4. AwesomeCrazyGamer Says:

    xD The ending made me laugh

  5. Matt Blackstock Says:

    Hi boz and crew, my name is Matt one of your biggest fans I just wanted to
    say congrats on how well you are doing you have come so far since I
    subscribed in 2012 I still watch your videos daily and enjoy them so much
    so thank you for making great content and putting in loads of effort to
    make these videos : )

    Thank you

    Biggest fan Matt : )

  6. RangersFan16 Says:

    Can I have the ip

  7. Chubaholic Says:

    Can you do more the mole

  8. cameron meicher Says:

    Aww awful was to die 

  9. cyondestruction Says:

    #TeamShotz and Sarah what the fudge you had cobble XD

  10. Matt Blackstock Says:

    And Eduardo you should be ashamed of yourself saying those words when their
    are probably kids watching this and don’t ever say something like that
    about the crew again.

  11. bill371371 Says:

    whens the next livestream

  12. Eduardo Reyes Says:

    All these niggas be bitching bout this fucking dumb ass video

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