Minecraft Hypixil: TnT Wizards! Episode 1

Minecraft Hypixil: TnT Wizards! Episode 1My good friend, TheKindKitten, decided to show me around the Hypixel server and all of its fun little mini games. This episode we blow stuff up in TnT Wizards! (In other words, I die horribly…

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (4) : Feb 25th, 2015

4 Responses to “Minecraft Hypixil: TnT Wizards! Episode 1”

  1. InfiniteCraftFilms Says:

    Tyken! Been watching you for a few years now. It’s been a rough ride, but
    you’re still awesome. Keep it up man!

  2. Tyken132 Says:
  3. NME Lukii Says:

    Hey tyken

  4. Phizzlez Says:

    Ha sweet video! Hopefully this can become a large series! :DDDDD

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