Minecraft – How to Build : Simple Small House – Part 2

Minecraft - How to Build : Simple Small House - Part 2Minecraft – How to Build : Simple Small House – Part 2 Can we hit 3000 likes on this little house? Subscribe for more! â-»http://goo.gl/yCQnEn â–‹ Credits – Beatlesfan789 for this amazing…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – How to Build : Simple Small House – Part 2”

  1. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – How to Build : Simple Small House – Part 2

  2. Mason McCormick Says:

    Just found out Keralis and I have the same B-Day #twinzies

  3. Jack Alaev Says:

    What is wrong with you people?? Why there is always someone who puts
    dislike??? First of all Ceralis is awesome and makes incredible videos! How
    on earth you can put a dislike?? If you don’t like just carry on.. stop
    being jealous!!!

  4. Pieter van Briemen Says:

    why din’t you use all the space?

  5. Gitte Jensen Says:

    Please make episode 3 of this! Love it!!

  6. seru1902 Says:

    Why not Cities skylines??:/

  7. upperclassnoobs Says:

    Did he not say windows penises in this episode?

  8. JNG Aviation™ Says:

    Could you do a lets build of suburban house 5 ? 

  9. Andre Coachman Says:

    Do that third episode plz :)

  10. Tyrese Waldon Says:

    we NEED more LETS BUILDS please!!!

  11. LEGO MASTER Says:

    Looking sweet please do the interior design and exterior design episode 

  12. Katherine Elizabeth Says:


  13. ema sula Says:

    Please do a Part 3- Interior and Exterior design

  14. Joris Dietz Says:

    The space division on the upper floor is so brilliant! I LIKE the house!!!
    Would like to see your furnishing skills :D

  15. Definitely Xerberus Says:

    “Simple small house” on a video of 25 minutes long, part 2, nevertheless
    great videp!

  16. NICKHAM16 Says:

    Yes, a part 3 would be awesome!

  17. Andrien Jimenez Says:

    keralis, is there no world edit for 1.8? i was wondering why you were doing
    the timelapses.

  18. Lord Gaben Says:

    Did you receive the knife? +Keralis

  19. Juan Monti Says:

    I think you should do one more episode, but can you change the wool of the
    rooms to a different color just to add some contrast(:

  20. A. V. Styles Says:

    When we’re gonna build a Skyscrapper ?

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