Minecraft – How to Build : Seaplane

Minecraft - How to Build : SeaplaneMinecraft Vehicle Tutorial – How to Build : Seaplane Can we hit 3000 likes on this awesome flying machine? Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn More Vehicles? Check out the…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Mar 6th, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – How to Build : Seaplane”

  1. Steve Dimond Says:

    Like for Keralis

  2. MrSevenzerotwo702 Says:

    Well done keralis

  3. Southpaw-Holmes Says:

    Good thing Harrison Ford was…flying Solo…

  4. Jupiter Fox Says:

    Can you do more inspiration series. But on houses that aren’t they big but

  5. Corsair EmeraldProjects Says:

    Looks like an Cessna 182 Skyhawk. Looks nice thx for dat tutorial. :P

  6. DEREK bob Says:

    looks like a cessna 172n skyhawk

  7. ZariusHD Says:

    Hey Keralis, those English houses there like that are the bomb mate. They
    look so awesome, pure class right there .def gonna go build those.

  8. Caleb Sperry Says:

    so i used to think u were some weird sweedish guy but now i see that ur a
    badass lol. and i really like ur texture pack and i was wondering if u
    could tell me which one it is. and where i could get it/how to install it.
    id also love to be on one of ur servers and im actually an experienced
    builder. ive had minecraft for 4 years and i pay incredible attention to
    detail and never settle for anything less than perfection. so if u ever
    need some design ideas or want to work with some good builders, hmu man ;)

  9. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – How to Build : Seaplane

  10. MCBeastGamer Says:

    Hey everyone! I was looking for someone who could make me a good intro! If
    you could hmu that would be amazing! Just let me know soon, because I’m
    trying to get it before I reach my subscriber goal so I can surprise my
    little bestgamers! Thank you! <3

  11. alexander taylor Says:

    make a Park, bruhhhh

  12. Kris AwesomePants Says:

    Very nice much FRIKIN amazing

  13. Jackson Brookyard Says:

    I’m blind can you add subtitles :(

  14. ZOMBIE GUT kill Says:

    do a huge bus RV(the ones ud rent for a big trip that u live in) or a house
    for the fun of it add the mod that makes u actualy fly/drive them just for
    the fun of it :D

  15. M1n3Craft HD Says:

    very detailed in so few blocks, well done :)

  16. Astrogirl1usa Says:

    Awesome! Well done. :)

  17. Chas3th3 gam3r Says:

    keralis, im needing some help downloading some of the old maps from ur lets
    plays and im not shure if its me or the site but when i do click the link
    to download it, it comes up saying googleurlshortner and i cant download it
    because it says something about the google settings, if u can plz help me
    with this plz do so soon and also great work with the vids man uve given me
    alot of inspiration anyway thx

  18. Keralis Says:

    I though this would look really epic having on your
    beach/lake/sea/lake-side houses so here it is. Hope its easy enough to
    follow and enjoy my friends. :)

  19. Jacob Chhetri Says:

    Hey Keralis I just built two. Both on the water but one is in a hanger.
    Instead of using acacia wood I used nether brick. I built on a default
    texture pack on the xbox 360.

  20. Benjamin Hessler Says:

    Jackson brookyard if you are blind how are you going to see the
    subtitles,no offense. Come to think of it how are you going to see this

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