Minecraft – How to Build : Hummer / Humvee

Minecraft - How to Build : Hummer / HumveeMinecraft – How to Build : Hummer / Humvee Can we hit 3000 likes on this awesome humvee? Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn More Vehicles? Check out the playlist – http://goo.gl…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 22nd, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – How to Build : Hummer / Humvee”

  1. Hadegel Says:

    penis prothesis

  2. Liam Leggitt Says:

    Most of the things you’ve built on this +Keralis I’ve replicated onto the
    xbox version. It’s not as good and pretty but it’s decent, many people go
    on it and leave nice friendly comments

  3. pgtproject Says:

    You are doing better with me being able to keep up with you

  4. MuzzaZee22 Says:

    Please dude, sorry for spamming, but more Cities Skylines and maybe upload
    earlier if you can? I know you have father and husband duties to attend to,
    but I’m hooked and sometimes stay up til 4AM Australian time waiting for an
    episode, or one doesn’t even come at all. Take care man!

  5. 白瘡疤 Says:

    Hong Kong is on the right hand side 4:21

  6. @Its_Crayz Says:

    Please , please , please !
    Go back and do hermitcraft!

  7. Theodorito G Says:


  8. Rode G Says:

    Welcome to 301 club!
    Today we have..

    All is $0.01

  9. MisterMinecraftII Says:

    awesome! i love military stuff

  10. TheEmeraldAxe // ChristianTEA21 Says:

    12th comment! Btw, Keralis your the best minecraft builder ever! Well in my
    opinion I’ve been watching your videos since around 2012 and 2013 :))

  11. Keralis Says:

    Enjoy all! As promised after yesterdays Inspiration Series! Hope you like
    and find this tutorial as simple as possible.

  12. Gerwin Steenbergen Says:

    Cool thingy. But not your own design in the modern house 55 it stands in da
    parking area but yet very cool!!

  13. Nicholas Brown Says:

    Another awesome build Keralis!!

  14. 2PlayerGamer Minecraft/Vlogs/Gaming Says:

    ive got a hole world on xbox of your tutorials like the Barn,Starter House
    1,Tree House,Mini Cooper

  15. Keralis Says:

    Crap, just noticed my amazing intro editing skills. Sorry for that, enjoy
    me singing….. ;)

  16. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – How to Build : Hummer / Humvee

  17. Nick Kingmountain Says:

    Will you uploaf cities skylines today?and when?

  18. 白瘡疤 Says:

    not striange country, Hong Kong is a city!!!!

  19. Γιώργος Καφετζάκης Says:

    “This is pure epicness”

  20. Jasper Rauhanen Says:

    Do the player head’s work in cracked minecrraft ?

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