Minecraft Hobbit Dwarf Castle Pt. 2 – 4th World #18

Minecraft Hobbit Dwarf Castle Pt. 2 - 4th World #18Today we’ll continue working on the giant Dwarf Castle from the Hobbit. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE to my Minecraft channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/monkeyfarm?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on…

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15 Responses to “Minecraft Hobbit Dwarf Castle Pt. 2 – 4th World #18”

  1. rrrohan2288 Says:

    if thats Cyan then my photocopier at work is printing really off colours

  2. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  3. Maxxisblitz Says:

    I feel like a theme ride of some sort would best show off the sweet views.

  4. Keanan Connor Says:

    Monkey make npcs as dwafs

  5. CRocketSlim Says:

    I’m something of a symmetry nerd and personally I feel things would look
    better if you reversed your carpet pattern on one side of the front, but
    aside from that it’s a pretty sweet castle facade.

  6. Tyler MacDonald Says:

    You should check out pictures of the central forge area of Iron Forge the
    dwarf capital city in Minecraft. It’d be a prett y awesome design for your
    upper level/entrance area.

  7. Mega MackeO™ Says:

    If your really gonna get into it, try building the gold room that the
    dragon was found in, cause if I did it,I’d go all out and have gold
    everywhere and dragon tail sticking out of it 

  8. Firedragon919 Says:

    in hermitcraft it would be such a nice thing to make the mines of moria

  9. Gilbert Nakayama Says:

    Love it! Keep up the good work!

  10. Tom Surmon Says:

    Looks Great (=

  11. Louis Delamare Says:

    Monkey farm make your vids longer PLZ I think variety would be EVEN BETTER!

  12. Gray Baker Says:

    +Monkeyfarm Minecraft the bridge needs to have a slight arch to it. like a
    3 half slab height to the arch nothing making it drastic

  13. Eli Farmer Says:

    Hey there Monkey, been waching your vids since your first world. Just
    occured to me that since you’re in creative anyway, why not use
    night-vision-potion when working in the dark or underwater instead of
    spamming the place up with glowstone. Thanks for all the great content.

  14. Isak Robinson Says:

    Awesome! The hobbit is my favorite movie!

  15. jontonyc Says:

    Hey, Monkey can you pls build Nazi bunker base may a jungle one

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