Minecraft Hobbit Dwarf Castle Pt. 1 – 4th World #17

Minecraft Hobbit Dwarf Castle Pt. 1 - 4th World #17It’s time to begin the next epic build on my Minecraft Creative 4th World map. We’ll take inspiration from the giant Dwarf Castle from the Hobbit. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE to my Minecraft channel:…

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18 Responses to “Minecraft Hobbit Dwarf Castle Pt. 1 – 4th World #17”

  1. Dorota Sakuari Says:

    Monkey is a fan of One Piece? 

  2. Eric Shadowblade Says:

    im not sure if you notice later in the video but your using silver fish egg

  3. Richard LomaSome Says:

    I like the new intro lol

  4. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  5. Calvin Lichty Says:

    You used mossy cobblestone monster eggs for those columns!

  6. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:

    Hey Everybody!

  7. James Nitrox Says:

    Nice build Monkeyfarm, looking forward to seeing how this turns out. One
    think I would say though is the main archway door looks a bit small for
    this size of a build?

  8. Deamonid Says:

    Why don’t you make a giant waterfall in the back, it looks really nice

  9. Wade Gayowsky Says:

    Nice vid and 2st

  10. austin holsinger Says:

    monkey can you pls change the wood back default is ugly to me, just an

  11. battousaid1 Says:

    Could make a dwarf statue as the entrance holding up the two pillars 

  12. TheAlphaBeatZzZ Says:

    Hello everybody :)!!

  13. dshreha dfshhtsg Says:

    would be awesome if the next hermitcraft map for season 4 was similar to
    this map with the water level raised really high in an amplified server,
    boats would be used for quick travel and ports would be the “hermit hills”

  14. Matt Kitten Says:

    My only real suggestion is adding something to break up the whiteness of
    your diorite–a decorative pattern of some sort, to break the monotony of

  15. MC Builder Says:

    Said “Hobbit, Dwarf castle” is called Erebor! Just for future reference!

  16. Alexander Bromander Says:

    You are the best monkeyfarm

  17. Minecheesecraft Says:

    The video is as great as always! Keep it up! :D

  18. Mega MackeO™ Says:

    The only YouTuber I’ll stop working in class to watch a video

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