Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.04 – I’m Hot!

Minecraft - Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.04 - I'm Hot!Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.04 – I’m Hot! Show your support & hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed! Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn HermitCraft Server Members:…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Mar 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.04 – I’m Hot!”

  1. JB3546 Says:

    has keralis won a UHC? ps i dont care he sucks hes my first yotuber that i

  2. ZombieCleo Says:

    Poor Keralis, how bad is your nether hate now?

  3. Péter Csernák Says:

    After that episode Keralis went to the Nether in creative and kill all the
    ghasts and more, and more…. :) 

  4. PwingsLuca Km Says:

    You dont suck PotatoeLoveHeartBwoi. Ure just a noob like me :D we can
    coquer dis THE NOOB POWER!

  5. xMigmogx Says:

    Spelar ingen roll om du dog! Du är fortfarande Keralis! Och det gillar jag!
    Keralis ForTheWin<3

  6. Christian-Johan Bårdsnes Says:

    Why is everybody acting like it’s the end of the world? He just died. There
    will surely be another season, another day.

  7. xisumavoid Says:

    I’m so sorry bud! things could of been so different if it wasnt for that

  8. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.04 – I’m Hot! 

  9. solesupremebeing Says:

    Watching this video, it’s clear that Xisuma saying move was actually what
    killed Keralis. The fireball was aimed at Xisuma and Keralis was perfectly
    safe where he was in the staircase. Shouting “move” made Keralis move into
    the fireball. But oh well, these things happen in a fraction of a second
    and nobody could have known.

  10. Gaming with Fred Says:

    The haters at the chat GG you died but Sl8gator was like Oh noes but the
    others like GG

  11. Sandra C Says:

    You’re trip into the nether made exciting UHC vids, so don’t beat yourself
    up too much over dying.

  12. Multidomar Says:

    I wich you had filmed Xisuma getting killed by Doc, it would be a great

  13. Aaron Krupp Says:

    I cried at the end… GG Keralis!

  14. Pruthviraj Kiggal Says:

    i came here to see 3rd person view of xisum’s death, but dispointed :(

  15. MrSimpsondennis Says:

    “Why do we need the quartz? We gonna build something?”
    made me crack up xD

  16. Smit Patel Says:

    I crie everytime when you lose UHC! ;-( GG

  17. ikbinhans Says:

    You’re not bad at this. I think you will instantly get better when you
    simply believe you will.

  18. Mehdi Ramz Says:

    This was bad but


  19. Ah Jota Says:

    this was a terrible partner for keralis. the guys serious attitude didn’t
    match kerlis’s laid back personality. also this guy kept putting keralis in
    dangerous situations. it was only a matter of time before keralis died.

  20. LrdZye Says:

    RIP in peace Keralis
    The almighty builder, uses Quartz and wants to build something out of it
    even if it’s UHC or not.
    You will be remembered.

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