Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.03 – Danger!

Minecraft - Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.03 - Danger!Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.03 – Danger! Show your support & hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed! Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn HermitCraft Server Members: http://www…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Mar 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.03 – Danger!”

  1. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – Hermitcraft UHC S07 : Ep.03 – Danger!

  2. BabyRumpKisser22 Says:

    i dont even watch these because he sucks at pvp :/

  3. Luka Kovacevic Says:

    Keralis! What about the stranded derp?!?

  4. MLGJon Says:

    Where is hermit raft modsauce?

  5. Green Apple Says:

    “Hell’s about to break loose.” Guys, the Nether is basically Hell. Of
    course it would loose, lol.

  6. Valosity Says:


  7. Jamie Mabon Says:

    Keralis – Are you protected
    Xisuma – Not very well, i’m thinking in they’re literally on top of us.

    I started laughing so hard!

  8. djustin1250 Says:

    well in the episode we missed u guys have a lot of digging didnt u?
    diamonds.. alot of torches i think im gona watch a other pov

  9. PwingsLuca Km Says:

    Andi thought keralis was a noob Nu offence Bo Buddy

  10. Freeze Mathias Says:

    How can this video have 4235 views when there are only 700 people in the

  11. xisumavoid Says:

    You fearless blaze hunter! :-)

  12. Tango Tek Says:

    Exciting stuff!

  13. ZombieCleo Says:

    I’m really impressed that you did all that nether work

  14. Augustas Sirmulevicius Says:

    you could easy kill blaze with snow balls. And you can place culdroun and
    fil it with water in nether you can easy lut out fire :p

  15. Diamond Carnage Says:

    Hey keralis I have been working very hard on some videos and I would be
    honored If u would check one out and give an honest opinion even a respond
    to this message would be legendary

  16. MJMGaming HD Says:

    What about mr turtle episodes?

  17. skytron Says:

    Keralis! You should do the FTB Infinity series! I’ve seen in others that
    you are on the server and playing, so maybe you could bring this series
    alive? Please do so, ModSauce was so great but now all the Hermits are
    abandoning it except a few like Dmac.

  18. huntr5886 Says:

    Just watching this is sooooo nerve-wrecking! Every time Keralis leaves an
    opening that a blaze could easily go through, i cringe! I thought for sure
    he was a goner in this episode. I’m sooo scared for the next one! I hope
    they get their blaze rods and get out, no more damage taken! YOU MUST WIN,

  19. Bart Dikken Says:

    Please do Hermitcraft Infinity!!!!

    I watch all your videos but it dissapointed me that you dont record
    infinity……… )-;

    But i still love you <3

  20. Tabor Evans Says:

    It’s funny watching just how cautious they are, and when you’re Playing
    it’s completely different 

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