Minecraft – HermitCraft #8: Blast Furnace

Minecraft - HermitCraft #8: Blast FurnaceMinecraft Survival. Today we check out the tunnel we worked on last episode, try to figure out how we will do our rail junctions, and then start setting up a cool auto furnace. Twitter: http://www…

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Filed under EthosLab : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – HermitCraft #8: Blast Furnace”

  1. Conguy97 Says:

    Guys. Let’s keep the perfect like ratio. Etho deserves it. 

  2. Mumbo Jumbo Says:

    Always good to see some Hermitcraft action!

  3. L0rdDrag0Music Says:

    Such Etho, Many enjoy.

  4. Jebb M Says:

    Etho for you to warn us about perverted thoughts, that means that you must
    have had them or you would not have thought to warn us!

  5. Radioactive Dwarf Says:

    put two unpowerd power rails at the bottom then a leaver to switch tracks
    and a button to power rails.
    l = unpowerd power rails t = standed rails O = button and lever
    t t t t t l l t O

  6. BitetheBullet Says:

    i actually really like the really busy look, makes it look more realistic
    typically and this tunnel is actually one of my favorite builds you have
    done so far, looks very nice.

  7. Paul Bos Says:

    Hello etho
    Why don’t you make the storage system you made in the amplified base is
    your single player. The one whit the minecart chests 

  8. Alex Rassi Says:

    Map making series? Where it at doe?

  9. EeaseMaps Says:

    Put a trapped chest next to the junction. wanna go the other way? open the

  10. EthosLab Says:
  11. Marthijn Vlierman Says:

    Thats what etho said?

  12. TransforGaming Says:

    If you need gunpowder, Mumbo has a giant mob farm which produces gunpowder
    much faster!!

  13. EpicCityGaming Says:


  14. Bones369mc Says:

    I am sad, someone cheer me up… Nice vid btw etho!

  15. Lapis Sea Says:

    19:06 I am sorry but you told us to not say it so I have to!

    That’s what “she” said!!!!! >:)

  16. Matthew Walz Says:

    Build a giant statue at the end of the beginning tunnel, maybe of yourself.
    It will blow people away when they go through the tunnel

  17. PurpleViking221 Says:

    15:00 Etho Logic:
    The downside to using the two powered rails is that you might not be able
    to go as fast as possible. Solution? Make yourself go even slower by using
    less powered rails, then you would only need to use one per junction.

    The less obvious problem with this “solution” is that you slow down pretty
    much to the same speed when you hit either type of junction, and it takes
    about the same time to pass them. So, by using method two, you are
    unnecessarily losing time.

  18. Tyler Janzen Says:

    Etho, for getting back out of your base you could possibly drop down onto
    the track from above, or my personal favorite have all paths eventually
    lead down to the bottom and have a bunch of slime block launchers launch
    you up out of the hole back onto the track out of the tunnel. Also if
    you’re still going with the dwarven theme but still have wood and nature, I
    think all your buildings should be made of stone and all your paths and
    bridges and supports all be made of wood, kinda like a lot of scaffolding,
    as if the dwarves are still constructing their stone city

  19. Joseph Tran Says:

    One quick question! How do you exit the base?

  20. iStiky- Says:

    “The tunnel isn’t that great”

    – Better than anything I’ve ever done by far :[

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