Minecraft | Heads Up! – WHO’S THAT POKEMON!? (Custom Minecraft Mini-Game)

Minecraft | Heads Up! - WHO'S THAT POKEMON!? (Custom Minecraft Mini-Game)Minecraft | Heads Up! – WHO’S THAT POKEMON!? Welcome to Heads up! a Custom Minecraft Minigame featuring Minecraft Universe and Logdotzip! Today we test out a new deck… Pokemon! Can you …

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20 Responses to “Minecraft | Heads Up! – WHO’S THAT POKEMON!? (Custom Minecraft Mini-Game)”

  1. Kenny James Says:

    Do Pokemon XY

  2. Garrett Cook Says:

    Jason you still owe Tyler a bike 

  3. Waxican Says:

    Pinsir is a bug type not a grass type.

  4. Appon member Says:

    Hi true mu you are the best and the most creative youtuber ever even better
    than pewdiepie

  5. prabin jolmi Says:


  6. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  7. Evolet Alcaide Says:

    Yall so late on articuno,zapdos,and moltres

  8. witherblaze Says:

    Misty, really, why not I don’t know, anyone male and not cilan.

  9. T.M gamimg and reviews Says:


  10. Conxious Says:

    The Description says AntVenom and CavemanFumes..
    Well, who reads the description anyways? Only me?

  11. M Country President Game King Says:

    …. he not fit to be ash ket… nvm ash doesn’t even know a first gen. In
    the new season of pokemon he is fit to wear the skin

  12. DiamondFlame Says:

    1st comment 10th view and 3rd like

  13. colin bell Says:


  14. Travis Lacy Says:

    It’s so boring to watch this sort of think usually, since most people
    barely know the first 151, let alone any past that.

  15. Erwin Lam Says:

    Have feet

  16. Lakolop BlackDark Says:

    Most of the Time I was Screaming The answer

  17. Samuelle Velayo Says:


    Awesome view of Ash

  18. Nimu Oparison Says:

    Dratini’s flying and dragon not water and dragon… I’m that one guy lol

  19. Phoenix SC Says:

    Thanks for having me, guys! Was so much fun!

  20. Ryan Kirk Says:

    Mad frustrating when you know it and they don’t for some reason ha. Super
    cool game though

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