Minecraft: FACTIONS SERVER #1 - A WILD PVP BATTLE! [BetterPVP]IP: mc.BetterPvP.com Store: http://buy.BetterPvP.com ➸ Missed an episode of this series? Click the link to view all the episodes of Minecraft: FACTIONS SERVER – Coming Soon! ➸ SUBSCRIBE:…

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Filed under BrenyBeast : Comments (20) : Apr 15th, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft: FACTIONS SERVER #1 – A WILD PVP BATTLE! [BetterPVP]”

  1. AlexBeast25 Says:

    And Also I Am So Exited For This Series (lol my name is AlexBeast25 for

  2. Filip JC Says:

    Ingame name : Kalpha
    Love your videos breny and would love to play with(or against ;) ) you on
    the server .Ohh and by the way.. PVP BATTLE!

  3. Zach Brewer Says:

    Thank you Breny fir the ip I have been looking for a decent factions server
    and I like this one alot. I look forword to watching this series. Factions
    is one of my favorite things to watch. I also found the prison server from
    you as well. I cant wait!!! :P
    P.S. I have also been looking for a big faction to join and I was wondering
    if I could join yours? But I wont be disopointed if you dont beacuse you
    have alot of fans but I never look at that.

  4. jareth sealey Says:

    Ign SatanisBelmont

  5. ImReignz - Australian Gaming Youtuber! Says:

    Id love to get into factions! Keep this series alive bren best. lol

  6. BailezzzMC Says:

    #NewSeriesHype, keen for the episodes to come! :D

    IGN: Bailezzz

  7. LazarkGaming Says:

    holy shit holy shit holy shit … Return of Beast Factions! oh and my IGN:

  8. ChimpleYT (Im Scared) Says:

    Wow they certainly have put there own spin on factions! IGN: ChimpleYT 

  9. Zeuq Tide Says:

    Can’t wait for your new series!!!!!! I’ll come on tonight!!!! Ign:

  10. LouisFMJ Says:

    If they use a minimal they’ll see your base – rekt 

  11. Aysartv Says:

    yeeeees i’m playing faction for 3 years now
    and i’m coming for you get ready to ge raided

  12. OExtract Says:

    Hey Brent! I Was thinking if you get to give a rank away every other
    episode, the episode inbetween you could invite somebody to your faction
    but thats just an idea so its not for me to decide ^_^ Ign: TheExtract —-
    PvP Battle! Keep up the good work <3
    Oh and heres a tip. Always turn /f map off when in your base, may help a
    little :) Plus i don’t believe cave spiders, poison you, unless your on
    hard! Glad to see you playing factions again!

  13. RainbowHunter1234 Says:

    I’m so looking forward to this series!!!
    IGN Orgasmicdepth

  14. NegroeNoodles Says:

    Make sure you don’t put chest near your farm. Just incase a cheater struts
    past it and has his chest finder on. Just have the farm and an afk machine
    and bank the loot at your sky vault or sell it :)

  15. triangle2222 Says:

    Does anyone still watch Breny that watched him while he was doing his first
    Hardcore series?

  16. xW Bounce Says:

    loved this episode breny!! :)

  17. Joshverd Says:

    I’m Really going to like this! XD

  18. Joeycfilmsgames/Joeyissexy Says:

    Nice video man! But yeah, like I said feel free to contact me if you ever
    need any help! I’ve been playing factions for a couple years now so I know
    a fair amount about it!

  19. Jimmy Hendrix Says:

    Sure to check this server out looks cool. IGN: PPasha

  20. BrenyBeast - Minecraft Says:

    Enjoy my friends! Yes this episode is a rank giveaway, sorry for not being
    so clear with it :O

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