Minecraft Drops-On-Demand | Hermitcraft #27

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Drops-On-Demand | Hermitcraft #27”

  1. Xenn IV Says:

    I think it would be pretty sweet if you turned the spawner into a giant
    tree (Tree of Death v2 anyone?) or a giant mob spawn egg (like the ones in
    creative mode). If you’re going to run with the tree, you could make the
    mobs fall down the “trunk”, or you could let the mobs free-fall if you use
    the egg idea. (Or convince the server owner to let you soawn some invisible

  2. Ricardo Barantini Says:

    You were the first player Minecraft another country that I started watching
    on Youtube and because of you I began to wonder this game and it was
    through you that I met Hermitcraft and all its members. I confess I was
    very absent from your channel, but wanted to thank you for introducing me
    this world blocks. Thank you, Monkeyfarm. I love you.

  3. Copter the man Says:

    Nice video Monkey!

  4. Ether Arch Says:

    I started watching Hermitcraft after Tango joined, so I’m new. :)

  5. Fear Apex™ Says:

    world download?

  6. BLTspace Says:

    Like the video you freeloaders! :P jk <3

  7. Sean Bagnall Says:

    you could make it a big stone monkey totem (like an Inca/ Aztec design) –
    then the mob drops would like gifts from the great monkey god.

  8. Woozie Says:

    Zombie felsh is usefull, you can trade it with villagers for emeralds :)

  9. Andrew Specht Says:

    spinning your mouse wheel in spectator mode allows you to go

  10. KeepTheChange09 Says:

    You need to light up the ring around your base, it’s close enough to you
    when you’re afking your mob spawner that mobs are spawning down there and
    it’s lowering the farms efficiency

  11. Minestorm787 Says:

    You should call the area you get the drops at “The Drop Stop”

  12. Vince W Says:

    looking really good, already looking forward to the next one. hope to see
    some other hermits in your videos at some point

  13. Thomas Bewell Says:

    Just subbed


  14. fakermage Says:

    thank you for another good show. And if you like this show think about
    sponsoring monkey on Patreon.

  15. Harry Castelijns Says:

    Hey monkeyfarm i love your videos there really informative i dont really
    know much about hermitcraft and mob spawners i’ve been here since world 2
    series thank you for all the informative stuff :D

  16. Yewcmaster1 Says:

    Looking amazing! Keep up the good work :D

  17. Emrys Jay Says:

    great ep man! appreciating the increased quantity.

  18. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  19. DevillKiller1997 Says:

    luv hermit craft

  20. HobbyAddictions Says:

    Hey monkeyfarm! Been with you since 2nd world and always love your builds
    and style. You have always been inspirational. Keep it up!

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