Minecraft Creating a Putt Putt w/ Zueljin! Hermitcraft #30

Minecraft Creating a Putt Putt w/ Zueljin! Hermitcraft #30Today on Hermitcraft Amplified, I’m going to build a miniature golf hole with Zueljin, at his Hermit Thrills golf course. Check out Zueljin: https://www.youtube.com/user/zueljin SUBSCRIBE…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Creating a Putt Putt w/ Zueljin! Hermitcraft #30”

  1. Alex Banwell Says:

    That was really cool, now you have built things in the hemit thrills, you
    should go and play all the other games with something. Also really like the
    co-labs keep them coming

  2. GDswords Says:

    I’m glad you’re now becoming more involved with the community! Great video,
    as always! I <3 +Monkeyfarm Minecraft

  3. FrogsterPlaysMC Says:

    Nice spelling of Zueljin! ;D

    Great video.

  4. Emrys Jay Says:

    great vid! :D

  5. WyldFox Says:

    Now you made me want to make a mini putt putt course in my world. lol

  6. H0pestart3r Says:

    That golf course though! xD Too cool…

  7. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  8. Susan Bowman Says:

    I so Love watching you do this kind of stuff, and having fun too, I have
    learned a lot. Thanks to my nephew, he turned me on to you an your friends
    videos. oldgamegirl Granny2shoes .

  9. tubelarr Says:

    You should have made the wall your monkey skin or a pig face.

  10. Jeff Fogg Says:

    Well done! You playin with the trap-door reminded me of my days on the disc
    golf course.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. gasper pena Says:

    no red stone…my life gets better

  12. Will Mumford Says:


  13. Lord Axis Says:

    Monkeyfarm you need to update your texture pack with the wood.. But I could
    be mistaken lol

  14. Steven Schroots Says:

    Nice looking course/hole you made there xD
    Great to see more Monkeyfarm in collabs xD

  15. Ed Haines Says:

    You should call it Monkey Station

  16. Da Canadian man Says:

    Play with etho

  17. Keanan Connor Says:

    Monkey this is keanans mom he has been watching u since your first world I
    don’t know what that is but could u please give him a birthday shout out he
    is such a big fan his birthday is July the 12 he will be 15 he calls him
    self mini monkey 

  18. Alien Platypus Says:

    Should have been par 3

  19. The Road Bros Says:

    I wonder why xisuma said “Anyone know what happend to Tango?”Look closely
    around 22:34 (unpause and pause with space over and over until you see it)

  20. 2491kridge Says:

    Hopefully this doesn’t sound rude but after all this time how have you not
    ever seen that item elevator before, that’s the style everyone’s been using
    for a good 2 years now lol 

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