Minecraft Channel Update: Happiness!

Minecraft Channel Update: Happiness!As the video suggests…I finally got the network removed from my account! So I’m back in business.

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (16) : Apr 11th, 2015

16 Responses to “Minecraft Channel Update: Happiness!”

  1. Tyken132 Says:
  2. AnAverageYoutubeComenter Says:

    My cat’s on your desk <:o Sorry about that :P

  3. DJDavid98 Says:

    Thank god you’re back! I missed your videos :)

    I’m hoping you’ll do less of over-modded Let’s Plays like Tekkit and what
    not, it’s just way too confusing to watch IMO. Stick to vanilla, or only
    small mods that don’t entirely turn Minecraft’s system on its head. This
    would be my suggestion.

  4. Momoko Says:

    Like. ;3

  5. crazyox100 Says:

    Tyken Check out the Network by Seananners Jetpak i believe.

  6. Universe Gaming Says:

    The Beast is back, looking forward to new things buddy! Keep on being

  7. DonVolio Says:

    Great to see your back in business! :)

  8. RandomFourty Says:

    It’s really cool to see you back man, i’ve been a real cunt to you over the
    years, but through all that i have gained so much respect for you, i wish
    you all the best bro

  9. AlphaPlays - Minecraft PvP Says:

    Finally! Also, first. xD

  10. Tyler D'Olimpio Says:

    Tyken, great to see you back I have been subbed since 2012 can’t wait to
    see more.

  11. packetofcrisps Says:

    Who knew Etho played o tykens server :) Also is the server still up and if
    not will it come back?

  12. Josh Madrid Says:

    glad you got it back woo!

  13. if1r3 Says:

    Amazing to know you are finally back after so long glad I didnt unsub
    because I thought you had stopped youtube

  14. KixP3 Says:

    Great to see that it all worked out well :)

  15. NexxZt - Norsk CS: GO Says:

    Glad you managed to work it out! :D
    I’ve been a subscriber since your very first videos :)

  16. Im SaaqL Says:


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