Minecraft Cave Explorer – Episode 1

Minecraft Cave Explorer - Episode 1I decide to go down into a cave and have an adventure. Met up with tons of skeletons. Also some zombies, creepers, and a couple spiders. I tried to fight everything off, but of course my battle…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft Cave Explorer – Episode 1”

  1. PikachuDigsMC Says:

    Lol Lydia would not do good in a UHC.

  2. TailBit Says:

    the iron sword you dropped at the end, I thought at first that the creeper
    blew it up, but it seems to be just fine .. hope you manage to get it
    before it de-spawns (5 minutes)

  3. vincent rio Says:

    Lydia, Try changing your drop settings so you wont accedently drop ur sword
    again. Haha! and also , try setting the brightness up to full? coz it’s
    really really dark. But overall, that caving you did made me all nervous
    coz of the zombie noises.. Im like you, scared of caving too! 

  4. MinecraftChick Says:

    FIRST. Haha. Have an awesome day :D

  5. LilacPlaysMC Says:

    Your better with mods than me xD If I hear a skellie I run and scream
    bloody murder! :p :) love ya Lydia!

  6. RoxyPlaysMC Says:

    Excuse me Lydia? Sorry if this is rude but why didn’t you drop the
    cobblestone and dirt and get the ores? I saw a lot of iron ore and coal ore
    It could be useful in the future :) (again sorry if this is rude) anyways
    luv the video <3 bye! 

  7. crazyman32 Says:

    Omg I’m soberly 

  8. AndrogyneMichinaga Says:

    Nice to see a video from you.

  9. CJStryke Says:

    I had to actually change the “give” or drop button from “Q” because my
    shortcut to my sword is the 1 button and I would often hit Q. Might be an
    option for you?

  10. Lydia Quinnan Says:

    Ohmygod. You always seem so shy in videos, but at like mine con you’re like
    “WOOO” xD.

  11. Ninty Ayansa Says:

    Yay for Tuesday!

  12. Diogo Rafael Dottein Says:

    hi. :D

  13. Cameron Rosenthal Says:

    :)))))))) lol

  14. caclements Says:

    Oh and at 5:21 you looked so confused like you were about to get killed,
    luckily you didnt! Lol.

  15. terenas1986 Says:

    Hey MinecraftChich! If a Creeper is about to blow up right into your face,
    right click with your sword to block a lot of damage. :)

  16. Vanesa Huitron Says:

    You remind me so much of myself when I encounter mobs while mining :D 

  17. Mia Martin Says:


  18. Kyle Crafter Says:

    You’re the first Minecraft YouTuber i ever subscribed! I think last year? I
    remember the Baby Wolf Episode! :D

  19. Aylin Luna Says:

    i love you ;o <3

  20. GirlPlaysGames28 Says:

    I was just wondering if u have a server? And can I play with u!?!?

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