Minecraft BLIGHTFALL Modded Adventure #5 | FURIOUS ZOMBIE BOSS!? – Minecraft Mod Pack

Minecraft BLIGHTFALL Modded Adventure #5 | FURIOUS ZOMBIE BOSS!? - Minecraft Mod PackMinecraft BLIGHTFALL Modded Adventure #5 | FURIOUS ZOMBIE BOSS Blightfall is a combination modpack and adventure map about surviving on an alien planet. It uses magic mods and tech mods …

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20 Responses to “Minecraft BLIGHTFALL Modded Adventure #5 | FURIOUS ZOMBIE BOSS!? – Minecraft Mod Pack”

  1. joerel simon Says:

    first one to comment yes!!!!!!

  2. thee chronic Gammer Says:

    put ethereal bloom outside the dome and push forward and then you will
    eventually have lots of space outside

  3. Abby Ozment Says:

    animals spawn in grassy areas so maybe u should put the glow flower things
    outside ur dome so the purple junk goes away

  4. lead guitar Says:

    I think that he should get way more likes than he gets I feel bad for him

  5. Melissa DanielsMyers Says:

    Looks like purple guy has been all over that planet

  6. Xzest Says:

    On the hunger bar, behind the chicken legs, there is a checkerboard pattern
    and when that gets all the way to the left you lose a turkey leg

  7. neighborhood peacock Says:

    Truemu did you know that if you eat zombie jerky it resets the nutrition of
    all the food items you eat so like you run out mushroom stew and the bread
    that you eat is low on nutrition just eat some zombie jerky and it resets 

  8. Erin New Says:

    Truemu just to let you know the ethereal blooms have a 8 block radius. 

  9. Evan Alsobrook Says:

    Add a toast mod

  10. M. Zarrelli Says:

    If you make a cobblestone generator in creative mode and switch it to
    survival you will have unlimited cobblestone

  11. Jacobs Minecraft Says:

    What mods do you use

  12. Minecraft Universe | TrueMU - Minecraft Mods and More! Says:
  13. N1njaKn1ght21 Says:

    If you go to the cave there is a patch of normal stone in it so u can get

  14. Skylander Alex Says:

    at 16 41 a wisp hited you and they are pretty hard to kill

  15. PrimaryGenie Says:

    Lol 15th view 

  16. Mr Sportyboy Says:

    If you smack a Pig with a pickaxe hè turns into a pickaxe Pig

  17. DestroytheDestroyer Says:

    If u spell out troll you get

  18. Griffin Het Says:

    I watched you in 2012 and every thing in my computer got deleted so I lost
    everything and forgot about you tube till know. By the way do you still
    mention Jeffery in your vids

  19. The green tyger Says:

    Play crafting dead again plz

  20. Samuelle Velayo Says:



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