Minecraft – Beautiful Farm House

Minecraft - Beautiful Farm HouseMinecraft – Beautiful Farm House The Minecraft Inspiration Series! Give it a LIKE if you did enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe â-» http://goo.gl/yCQnEn Shaders for 1.8 Tutorial – http://goo.gl/q6j…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Apr 22nd, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft – Beautiful Farm House”

  1. Keralis Says:

    This is one the most beautiful houses I have seen in a long time, what
    would you rate it? Also next video on the channel will be Cities Skylines
    but not sure if today or tomorrow. Enjoy <3

  2. TJ | Nekonyan99 Says:

    I love how when you take a screenshot, it flashes just like how a camera
    does lol

  3. TheoSL Says:


  4. Surubel Surubul Says:


    My friend thinks he’s smart because he said an onion is the only
    food that can make you cry, so I threw a coconut at his face…

  5. Pieter van Briemen Says:

    all your inspiration video houses are so white, but the design is good

  6. Keralis Says:

    Minecraft – Beautiful Farm House

  7. Maribol the Gamer Says:


  8. Andre Coachman Says:

    Id give it a 9 because there’s too much extra space not used up top…and
    there should be more windows.

  9. GrizzlyGaming HD Says:

    Does anybody else think they mojang should add siding to minecraft? It
    should kind of look like quartz pillars.

  10. buzzler745555 Says:

    This is making me miss those old days when I would just go on a creative
    plots server and build away. Oh well. I’ve already deleted MC, and it was a
    cracked version. Tried downloading again but my computer is old and really
    buggy now.

  11. Summerfairy Plays minecraft Says:


  12. WZAAHE Says:

    Why did the console gamer cross the road

  13. Mergim Miftari Says:

    9.5/10 because it looks fantastic and realistic!

  14. Koby Withgamertime Says:

    9/10 because it looked fantastic however he could have done an attic for
    extra space.

  15. BUILDZ Says:

    Great video bud <3

  16. Lunar Craft Says:

    Great video, that fire place was awesome

  17. Michael Singzon Says:

    Keralis pls join the hermitcraft servee agian or just join the next
    hermitcraft server (hermitcraft 4)

  18. AXEL VISSERS Says:

    this series is amazing but pls put a new video of cities skylines online

  19. Amy Alessi Says:

    Make a tutorial on how to make the farm house

  20. Dovid Cohen Says:

    How can I become a builder on your server?

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