Minecraft Baby Zombie Jockey OMG

Minecraft Baby Zombie Jockey OMGToday I was back in the mine trying to find more diamonds. I ran into a lot of crazy things along the way including a baby zombie jockey! I was so excited to finally see one. I also saw other…

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Filed under MinecraftChick : Comments (20) : Jun 18th, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft Baby Zombie Jockey OMG”

  1. CL Ninty Says:

    Happy Tuesday! Yeah!

  2. T. Jamboy Says:

    Use arrows against creepers

  3. Ariel segura Says:

    You might be the luckiest person on the game and you might be the first to
    have seen a zombie riding a chicken!

  4. vincent rio Says:

    Wow. I’ve never saw a chicken jockey in minecraft yet. like while im
    playing. That was awesome! And, I notice you look at something quite
    often.What is that? Hahhaa. And yes! Just come back to your mushroom house
    and make more houses! cx

  5. JoJo Loves Says:


  6. Metamorphosis Says:

    You’re so cute with that hair!

  7. Ngoc Le Says:

    i thought it was Monday lool

  8. Gergely Rajki Says:

    Hi Lydia! Watching the video was fun as always :-) Its only 1am here, so I
    really tried to stay quiet, but then I couldn’t help laughing. You made my
    day! Good luck with that “how to kill a creeper” course! Oh and keep those
    vidz coming :-)

  9. paulsoaresjr Says:

    Good to have you back at it, MCC! XD

  10. Maya Delgado Says:

    That baby zombie jockey was so cute!

  11. dImitroni CANT Says:

    I love you cuz’ you didn’t scream out loud and burn my ears off as most
    youtubers :)
    You’re smart xox

  12. Blixa Morgan Says:

    The trick for creepers is to strike then backoff. This will cause their
    fuse to reset giving you a chance to hit them again.

  13. Chocolatebliss3955 Says:

    You’re video’s are really cool :)

  14. CraftingAJ Says:

    i haz seen 5 chicken jockeys in the game

  15. Kennadi Allen Says:

    I love your videos I’m so glad your back I really missed you

  16. Barnaxx Says:

    Awesome channel, please continue! I’m a french fan!

  17. Kitty SoftPaw Says:

    You influenced me Minecraftchick. I am going to post videos sort of like
    yours and I’m going to be MinecraftGamer all though instead of playing
    mimecraft I am playing minecraft pocket edition so people can see how
    minecraft pocket edition works. Also could you tell me if the update is
    coming soon?

  18. Peyton Graham Says:

    Mcc you work at Mojang right? Well do you know anything about the next big
    update for xbox 360?

  19. Jonah Doyle Says:


  20. xmark1412 Says:

    U make Tuesdays awesome

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