Minecraft: Automated Smooth Stone Generator Tutorial

Minecraft: Automated Smooth Stone Generator TutorialThis minecraft tutorial will show you how to make a survival friendly smooth stone generator usin hoppers for automated collection! I will also show you a tr…

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : May 18th, 2013

20 Responses to “Minecraft: Automated Smooth Stone Generator Tutorial”

  1. Niborious Platypus Says:

    press ctrl up
    this works with right click still as the use button.

  2. flog353 Says:

    on my server it works fine, the lava just destroys 1/4 of the blocks (if the stone spawns too fast it pushes the cobble in it up in the lava

  3. xDiamondBlade Says:

    Awesome tutorial! Helps a lot

  4. Max Fitzhugh Says:

    Does the caps trick work on pc? And ive people are saying its being patched..? Plz reply to the comment, not a new comment

  5. 6006tom1 Says:

    yes sorry :)

  6. cxzasdewq16 Says:

    also works with the alt key

  7. AlphaJackal09 Says:

    I placed them just as you did in the video, two from the middle, not either side. So it’s not that. Any other ideas?

  8. xisumavoid Says:

    You cant alt and tab with that

  9. TechSgtCrume Says:

    Auto fisher?

  10. Danniel Tomsson Says:

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  11. Terraapples Says:

    The auto mine would annoyingly happen to me while I was playing and my PC would play the sound of it disconnecting and then reconnecting but the mouse never really disconnected (it would say lit up because its still plugged in) creating the auto mine for me when I don’t want it

  12. ImaNoob Person Says:

    do a obsidian generator one!

  13. Music42Ever Says:

    i prefer shaft mining
    you also get diamonds while getting stone = p

  14. xisumavoid Says:

    Goo tip :-)

  15. Myserval21 Says:

    That used to work, but then they patched it (for perma-crouch reasons)

  16. KaseTBon Says:


  17. xisumavoid Says:

    realms? are you on a server?

  18. SirDavcom Says:

    Xisuma, any recommendation if the F10 trick doesn’t work for me? If I try to alt+tab, the game pauses, so I can’t do other things while mining.

  19. OLSKREGGER Says:

    use the F10 trick and alt tab with inv tweaks with lots of picks, your set

  20. Chocwise Says:

    It doesn’t seem to work on SMP properly. For a short while it works, then it creates Cobble on the sides of the middle row. And yes, I left 1 block wide space between the water source blocks and the middle row. I tried it even with 2 block distance.
    I guess some servers are just too laggy for this kind of generator.

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