Minecraft 4th World Tour & Download #19

Minecraft 4th World Tour & Download #19Download Monkeyfarm’s 4th World Map: http://bit.ly/1beiqGA SUBSCRIBE to my Minecraft channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/monkeyfarm?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter …

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Filed under monkeyfarm : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Minecraft 4th World Tour & Download #19”

  1. SuperCraftsc Says:

    I down loaded it its sooooo fun!!!!!!!

  2. TheoneandonlySkrillard423 Says:

    We should build some things in the nether next!

  3. Trung Lam Says:

    I been following you for ages now, couple years or so. You kind of got me
    into minecraft, however your style and the way you present videos.. It’s
    not as interesting or innovative as before. I really liked your tutorials
    and survival worlds and huge projects, mainly because it gave me the
    motivation to put effort and time into something I enjoy. I really do hope
    you get on with some fancy new stuff soon ! I’m looking forward to new
    videos especially with 1.9 being released (Idk if it’s released yet!)

  4. Yoloburger Says:

    I miss the old survival world tour :(

  5. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:
  6. Volber Says:

    How did you get such a map with high mountains and water at the bottom, was
    there a special map seed you used?

  7. Monkeyfarm Minecraft Says:

    Here’s a direct link if you’re having an issue with the bitly link:

  8. BadMrBox Says:

    Monkeyfarm \o/

  9. killerbeenl Says:

    Yep plugging a USB audio device in a different port the PC sees it as a new
    device. And you where capturing from the old unplugged that must have been
    a bummer.

  10. chase Gerlak Says:

    not being mean but you have done very well with your youtube channel but
    your views have taken a nose dive and i have been a kinda long time
    subscriber and its kinda sad seeing that.

  11. SniperNinja-115 Says:

    Woooo, 4th world download :D

  12. SpaceMole - GFX & Gaming! Says:

    Is fortress the word you’re looking for? :)

  13. Alex Banwell Says:


  14. Blayz Roc Says:

    Hey Hey !

  15. beezer3410 Says:

    Great map :) looking forward to looking around 4th world and to your next
    adventures Monkeyfarm:) gj

  16. Desmond Taylor Says:

    Have you thought about using dropbox or something? Love the world btw :)

  17. shaunwyndman Says:

    Going back to survival for your fifth world? 

  18. GDswords Says:

    I live in Britain. I don’t know how to become a Patreon because in Britain
    we use pounds, not dollars

  19. WyldFox Says:

    That castle looks very good so far.

    I am wondering how to get animated textures to work. Each time I try to
    make one, it doesn’t come up. lol

  20. Andy Vancleve Says:

    Grate video 

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