Minecraft – 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY!

Minecraft - 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY!Click the below link to get a countdown timer to the exact start time if you are confused with time zones. http://www.hillsoftware.com/livestream.html We will be doing a 24 hour live stream…

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Filed under TheHillsoftware : Comments (20) : Oct 17th, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft – 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY!”

  1. Jenny D Says:

    Sad about the charity, but thanks so much for still doing the stream! I
    challenge anyone reading this to watch for the full 24 hours, I hopefully
    will! Woooo :D

  2. Crew Gaming Channel Says:

    #Minecraft – 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY!

  3. john morgantini Says:

    What time is UHC east coast time?

  4. Minecraftr0ckslol Says:

    Thank you Belboz! And I hope for the best! See you all tomorrow on the
    livestream :)

  5. Andrew Hunt Says:

    Will you guys be having the crew theme builds back? And my computer is an
    old Sony. Would it work on there?

  6. Tyler Legg Says:

    Where do I sign up :)

  7. Geeki gaming Says:

    I can’t watch I’m watching the cancer thing 

  8. ShinyHappyPerson Says:

    Shame about the charity, but thank you so much for not canceling :D *Hype

    I downloaded Archeage a little while ago and I can’t get it to work, one
    time took around 15 mins to open, got a cutscene thing but then it crashed.
    Anyone know how I can fix this?

  9. KreamyAssassin Says:

    Oh, good. I forgot the day of the stream, so I looked at the channel to
    read the description to find the date but the video was gone. I thought it
    had already happened. Well, now that I know that it’s tomorrow I hope I am
    not late. :)

  10. Georgina gymnast Says:

    .yay 5th comment

  11. freckles835 Says:

    How can we get on the server

  12. Colin Nemeth Says:

    Su excited!!! Just got new head set and I can stay up full 24 hours,
    counting down the seconds!

  13. AbsyJo Says:

    So Excited! :D

  14. Carly Hammond Says:

    Can’t wait to watch you guys put a smile on my face in every video :)

  15. Leslie Figueroa Says:

    i am sad about the charity and that i cant wacht all 24 hours becase of my
    church school but i will be their to wacht some of it i am so exited

  16. IDAXIS Says:

    What about donating to Child’s Play? Since you got so much donation money
    for them ($1500 I believe), I think they would appreciate you donating
    there again.

  17. L0NGSH0TZ1 Says:

    ArcheAge info is Europe – Nebe Server – Nuian or Elf Race. Hope this helps

  18. Crew Gaming Channel Says:

    24 Hours of gaming goodness. All without a prescription! Check with your
    doctor if a rash persists.

  19. Stig man Says:

    Well I maybe I’ll but I should be there whole 24 hours because I can! Time
    to make a bet with my dad again XD

  20. Julie Toedtli Says:

    Ill just call it the birthday livestream for me. My birthday is today (its
    the 16th while i post this in my timezone) I will be coming in 3 hours
    after starting due to school, and i dont have a good mic. (I was expecting
    to get one for my bday, but i didnt get one) i probably cant stay up all
    night either because i have a thing at school the next day. Ill try to be
    there for the good stuff though. I cant wait ^_^ Awesome bday gift, right?
    Best one could ask for ;)

    Katie_The_Singer / GamerJulie / Julie_The_Singer

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