Minecraft – 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY April 17th

Minecraft - 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY April 17thCountdown for the 24 hour live stream http://www.crewgamingchannel.com/livestream.html Become a Crew Patron at: http://www.patreon.com/crewgaming So this Friday we will be doing a 24 hour…

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10 Responses to “Minecraft – 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY April 17th”

  1. CopperCast Verah Veron Says:

    I just want to thank Avl0ty for sacrificing thousands of his points for a
    24 hour livestream. Also, thank you to the Crew for making this happen.
    I’ve been a huge fan for a long time and I can’t wait to stay up all night
    for this. :) Side question: does this mean no Thursday stream? -Verah Veron

  2. IDAXIS Says:

    Thanks Avl0ty! You da best =D

  3. Crew Gaming Channel Says:

    #Minecraft – 24 Hour Live Stream THIS FRIDAY April 17th

  4. Stigman Gaming Says:


  5. Michelle Phong Says:

    Wut time in Canada?

  6. Bob Smitj Says:

    WootWoot can’t wait! Thanks Avolty! -HeatWave0077/withawithawhat

  7. hen614 Says:

    Can’t wait this will be great I am so annoyed that I missed the 3v3
    tournament because I was in Belgium thank you so much crew for everything
    and thank you Avioty for the 24 hr live stream

  8. Molly Marsh Says:

    Yay! It is a bit awkward at the moment because all that is being streamed
    is the uhc mole thing which I dont really get the rules of. Last 24 hour
    livestream I slept for 4 hours but I am determined to get all 24 hours this
    time. It will be nice to see a mix of games ~mol1708

  9. Kerry FM Says:

    I cant wait

  10. AwesomeCrazyGamer Says:

    I’m so excited! :)

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