Minecraft 1.8 Parkour | WE HATE PUMPKINS! – Parkour Rave Pt. 1!

Minecraft 1.8 Parkour | WE HATE PUMPKINS! - Parkour Rave Pt. 1!Let’s see if we can get 3000 Likes!!! Tyler and Jason take on an awesome 1.8 Parkour map called Parkour Rave played on one of the newest snapshots! â-»CHECK OUT MY SHIRTS!â–… US:http://bit.ly/…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft 1.8 Parkour | WE HATE PUMPKINS! – Parkour Rave Pt. 1!”

  1. Rich Money Says:

    I am on Jason awesome list I play the xbox360 and my name is Bostan123

  2. homosapienssapiens19 Says:

    Does it annoy anyone else when map makers forget to turn off

  3. TheIronMango Says:

    Great Job TrueMU. I love these parkour maps. You should really do more of
    them in the future. You are a god compared to me xD

  4. StuntNinja Says:

    I get aids when people say “350 likes, 301 views, youtube is broken”

  5. Riley White Says:


  6. OferSurfupGames Says:

    Thanks! for playing my map! But u didnt put the map in the description :'(

  7. L8Games - Pixelmon, Hunger Games, and Moar! Says:

    Great video Jason!
    Parkour maps are becoming more and more creative!

  8. robert stan Says:

    Hey guys, i have 30 subs and please just please. Subscribe to me :(.

  9. Ryan Pugliese Says:

    Fuck your gay friend

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  11. Minecraft Universe Says:
  12. Samuel Mazo Says:

    Why You no play with Sky anymore???

  13. HawianCheeseball Says:

    Lol. The steak was called Your Hamster

  14. HamsterMC Says:


  15. OverratedCommentator Says:

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  16. Angel Guillen Says:

    Jason have you ever heard of shifting

  17. Lorenzo Marasigan Says:


  18. PixelPlay16 Says:

    I like late uploads:)

  19. Kapitan Freek Says:

    how much fps do u have in minecraft 1.8, and minecraft 1.7?

  20. MasterMattAu Says:

    *Awesome Video! I Post Similar Content! :D*

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