Minecraft 1.6.1: Rail Duplication Glitch Tutorial

Minecraft 1.6.1: Rail Duplication Glitch TutorialHow to duplicate rails in minecraft 1.6 â–‹Subscribe it’s FREE â-» http://tinyurl.com/SubcribeMCDN â–‹ FREE Minecraft Servers â-»http://youtu.be/SwL4DQiYZh0 Join The…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft 1.6.1: Rail Duplication Glitch Tutorial”

  1. Theron Akubuiro Says:


  2. MITMAN360 Says:

    How did you make that intro

  3. leepaul99 Says:

    Am I the only one wondering how they find out about thus? Do they make Redstone machines until they figure it out?

  4. ToniSkit Says:

    does this only work with rails? i mean what about pumpkins or other items?

  5. helmsplitter0233 Says:

    wow if you are going to exploit the game just use creative mode this channel has gone down hill with who it lets post videos

  6. thenickmanisawesome Says:

    lol to stop the machine flick it off

  7. Phillip Lauterborn Says:

    I work soooooo much better in Xbox 360 edition

  8. axel990413 Says:

    He definately saw it… he used the exact same design and tutorial style -.-

  9. Xboxplayi Says:

    There is more better ways to do it

  10. Drum Fan Says:

    does this work??

  11. Jordan S Says:

    nice tutorial very useful

  12. The1Kwa1JSUCSH Says:

    Yes it does

  13. nattyman0007 Says:

    He used flixpress (.com)

    he used the free template called “Chain Reaction”

  14. Lemoniwinks Says:

    yeah i was just saying bad timing

  15. The1Kwa1JSUCSH Says:

    Still works though lol

  16. The1Kwa1JSUCSH Says:

    I know. Twas horrible timing…

  17. Legomon Jones Says:

    1.6.2 just came out, does it still work?

  18. ilbay94 Says:

    LoL xD nice

  19. Rokexc kanalas Says:

    its work !! thx man!!!

  20. Dan Bodine Says:

    takes one to know one

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