Lords of Football: Livestream Footage – Part 2

Lords of Football: Livestream Footage - Part 2Lords of Football: Livestream Footage – Part 2 of 2. For those who missed the stream. :) Want some Keralis gear? US Store: http://keralis.spreadshirt.com/ EU…

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Filed under Keralis : Comments (20) : Jul 17th, 2013

20 Responses to “Lords of Football: Livestream Footage – Part 2”

  1. granusko1 Says:

    USA: soccer
    other land: football -_-

  2. Jamie Reston Says:

    In Britain, it is called football…

  3. fox papadopoulos Says:


  4. loki0841 Says:

    Kids like you are never accepted into servers. Go rage on someone else. Thanks dumbass.

  5. Joshua Ferguson Says:

    Djadbluxoffucial screw you your jealous you live in a box on the edge of a cliff someone better push you off that cliff just like the time someone pushed your momma off a cliff ya dumbass

  6. knoogar12441 Says:

    Arek Lis

  7. OregonDuck Ultrafan Says:

    Check out TygerRawRz Chanel he can build good

  8. Jalkapalloilija Marsalkka Says:

    Do more this and Sims 3! :)

  9. ProGameBang Says:

    nooo,he should make a treehouse

  10. MrDaniiYY Says:

    Keralis soon you will have 400 k subscribers !

  11. ProGameBang Says:

    yea in serbia its football 

  12. AirPotato Says:

    What only 375,000 subscriptions, that’s nothing compared to what you deserve !

  13. MrDaniiYY Says:

    When you will do the vlog, driving a real truck ??

  14. Hong Hai Says:

    make a series

  15. Jam Umali Says:

    Keralis can you make a modern paradise house plz?

  16. DJAdbluxOfficial Says:

    Go and fuck u Kid motherfucker!!! I Tryed to apply to a builder but u asshole motherfucker dont let me in da Server bitch!!!! So fuck u and Ur Weife Looks so Old! Search a Job Loser -.-

  17. zuccero23 Says:

    Plz make a series.It would be AWESOME!!!

  18. Joshua Ferguson Says:

    Continue with this is great keralis

  19. Joshua Ferguson Says:

    I agree Loki

  20. NadalitoSuper Says:


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