Logic Units Explained… Umm, Better

Logic Units Explained... Umm, BetterSo I decided after watching my last video that this needed a more thorough and detailed explanation. I hope all of this makes sense to even those less redstone inclined. Also sorry for having to make this in the first place. Donate: www.paypal.com

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20 Responses to “Logic Units Explained… Umm, Better”

  1. yayimahuman Says:

    Can you upload the map?

  2. Cool12309FromRoblox Says:

    I got most of it (the green part is the binary, the purple part is the decoder, and the blue is the display wiring), but what is the red? I still don’t get that; in the last video you said something about it being “less wiring”?

  3. Cool12309FromRoblox Says:

    2:10 x^0 = x/x, which is 1. [Wiki]. Also, while 2:15 is mostly true, 0^0 is an error because 0/0 gives an error.

  4. roboticaust Says:

    That’s actually a fairly cool idea

  5. Shadekiller666 Says:

    @roboticaust one way that i have found to show someone binary who doesnt understand it is to go to a flat area, put down rows of redstone torches, so escentially a chart of each number so for one it would be bbbt (b=block, t= redstone torch) two would be bbtb etc. and it makes it somewhat easier to visualize too

  6. MinecrafterX3 Says:

    @roboticaust Yeah thats what i meant, it has alot more delay (causing lag) but its smaller in pretty much every way, and you can put it on top of a 7 seg display and make the 7 seg display go up and down opposite of the decoder, or you can just put it to the side of it and it works perfectly :) just wanted to show other ways of doing it

  7. kylez963 Says:

    So if i hooked some and gates to the 4 inputs of this array i could in therory get 9 different destinations on a minecart?

  8. roboticaust Says:

    The video before this covers how I managed that. The even numbers being lit on the first bit triggers an 8 to display by default and the odd trigger a 9 by default.  Originally I thought to myself 8 and 9 are the only two numbers that can be composed of other decoders combined together. But when I went to do such a thing, I found out it was doing it all on its own for me. Kinda neat how that worked out.

  9. roboticaust Says:

    technically 4 inputs would mean up to 16 destinations

  10. roboticaust Says:

    Totally not taking credit for any design by any means. I’m sure it has been done before. I was just proud of figuring it out on my own without needing to look at anyone elses design (except for that horrid wiki one that is more about dumb luck than actual logic, which inspired me to figure it out in the first place). I figured it would make a good video to show others how the concept works so if they try the same thing, they don’t need dumb luck to achieve it.

  11. 8bitbytes Says:

    @Lolocaust41 What? No. The properties that people like of exponents is that x^n*x^m=x^(n+m) and x^-n=1/x^n. Exponents are defined by these properties. So therefore x^-n*x^n=x^n/x^n=1 where is not 0. So only 0^0 is undefined.

  12. roboticaust Says:

    The purple is actually a decoder line. The wire on top of the purple is your output from the logic unit. But yes, such things do exist. A lot of people fumble around with torch placement until they get it working without ever understanding the logic behind why it works. So their outputs are out of order typically and there’s little to no pattern or reason behind any of it. I merely wanted to take the guessing out of it and make it so others could easily make their own.

  13. KapitanWalnut Says:

    I love this encoder/decoder setup. I think this design can be used to make implimenting K-maps a snap!

  14. Ismaw34 Says:

    Ti title should be: Binary decoder to 8 segmet display for Dummies XD

  15. Shadekiller666 Says:

    @roboticaust ok so if the purple decoder lines are 0-7, where do 8 and 9 come from?

  16. Generikb Says:

    @roboticaust LOL…that reminds me I *still* haven’t made my chicklet farm!!!

  17. roboticaust Says:

    I planned on it as I got further along with the project

  18. kylez963 Says:

    @roboticaust O.O Awesome thanks roboticaust! I’m totally trying this out!

  19. roboticaust Says:

    Since I’m working in bcd which is a little bit of a different application, I just need 0 to 9. The red portion near the input turns off the 2 and 4 line when they are set to the default 0 positions. That way none of their enabler torches are on. It means that only the 1s digit is affecting the design. So the decode lines in the 1s digit are actually displaying 8 and 9 in its 2 states. Second portion of red is a way to detect invalid data.

  20. glu2305 Says:

    i came up with the same concept months ago when steven (scjoiner) first introduced the confusing Display Pt. 4: Stephen’s Binary to 7 Segment Decoder Tutorial i put a video response to his tutorial with a similar design got a schematic file in the description

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