Item Sorting Using Hopper Pipelines [NOT] Fixed!

Item Sorting Using Hopper Pipelines [NOT] Fixed!UPDATE: It turns out that reloading chunks breaks them again. I made a new video on a potential work around to this problem See it here: I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out why my item sorting machines using hopper pipelines never worked right. It seemed that a random item would keep getting skipped. But in this video I show you how to fix it! Awesome! World Save: Find more Minecraft Addict Videos at r/minecraftaddict:

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    man you breath heavily

  2. christian buss Says:

    For some reason it wont let me update it

  3. Minecraftaddict Says:

    It’s a “missing” ground problem in the house. It occurs whenever I have the laptop plugged in which was pretty much non stop as my battery was shot. I installed a new one last night so hopefully that problem will go away.

  4. GamingCentral45 Says:

    All he said was MCA…

  5. epicjacoba1 Says:

    I see what you did there.

  6. Soy Sawss. Says:

    Is this already out? Or only some people can play it? Plz help. :P

  7. poisonrune Says:

    is the “welcome back, _____ here” going to be a catchphrase for all redstoners? lol

  8. emptybinary Says:

    asthma sucks

  9. Minecraftaddict Says:

    It’s called Asthma. But thanks for sharing.

  10. Minecraftaddict Says:

    Well, now my laptop just shuts down without warning after about 8 minutes when unplugged and on the new battery. WTF?

  11. Minecraftaddict Says:

    He wasn’t innocent. And I’ll do it again.

  12. jtfyou Says:

    When does he say “Seth?”

  13. SOTAMinecraft Says:

    Hey there MinecraftAddict! I stumbled across your channel earlier and I’m finding all of your videos extremely useful! Thanks for the great content and I subscribed for it. -SOTAMinecraft

  14. KBY30 Says:

    0:08 “Welcome Back, Seth-MCA Here.” LOL

  15. MustardOf UrDOOM Says:

    Hoppers are controlled by TileEntities and TileEntities are updated every tick in a particular order. TileEntities are destroyed when you destroy their corresponding blocks and therefore breaking and replacing them will create a new TileEntity and therefore change the order in which they update, an example of this is in that last part you have the upper one updating after the one before it but before the one below it, so when the bottom one updates there is nothing in it to collect

  16. Minecraftaddict Says:

    Although, since the reloading is consistent, you can make a working sorter by skipping the “broken” hoppers. It takes a bit more room and looks like crap but that should work.

  17. Matt Gabriel Says:

    Minecraftaddict, everytime an item is stored inside a Hopper and there’s a Redstone Comparator beside it, the Redstone Comparator will be activated.

  18. Patrik Forsman Says:

    It Works

  19. Minecraftaddict Says:

    No kidding?

  20. xXThinkEpiCXx Says:


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