How to Make a Minecraft Pig: An Animation

How to Make a Minecraft Pig: An AnimationToday I decided to try something very different, making a claymation video. Make sure to like, comment, and share this video for a chance to win the original pig that I made! Music: The Source…

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Filed under MinecraftChick : Comments (20) : Jun 17th, 2014

20 Responses to “How to Make a Minecraft Pig: An Animation”

  1. Mary D Says:


  2. Bluffamuchuck Says:

    Homemade bacon from MinecraftChick? I want!

  3. SwordSmith Says:

    Pigs are not bacon. Logic

  4. Jakub cr Says:

    I like bacon

  5. Anna Horse Says:


  6. ciallstm Says:

    I might try to eat him….

  7. Isabella Teta-bright Says:

    Where the mincraft

  8. rainbow girl Says:

    dear Mojang today i learned how to make pigs ITS BACOOON

  9. stonepa11 Says:

    Pigs are awesome. Eating it would be cruel

  10. Budder Block Says:

    Pigs don’t come together magically, Notch coded it to happen while they are
    invisible, then make them show when they are finished.

  11. Anna Horse Says:

    Pigs can only roll around in mud unless another pig is while them 

  12. Squeaky Wheel Says:

    Mmmmm bacon!

  13. Jscooly555 Says:

    So, the other day I was making pumpkin pie in real life, but instead of
    pumpkins i tried to use carrots. It didn’t work…. But in real life once a
    boar smashed through a barbed wire fence, then looked at me, and ran the
    opposite way… I guess he decided not to kill me!!!!!!!!

  14. BlazeFilms **Road to 1k!*** Says:

    Pigs are cute

  15. Krispysquare Says:

    Juicy Porkchops!

  16. Anna Horse Says:


  17. Avie Stewart Says:

    I love it! :) 

  18. Jscooly555 Says:


  19. Anthony Villela Says:

    I love it

  20. NoobUtenBoob Says:

    Pigs are cute beacuse they just are. The bacon, the smell of bacon, the
    ham.. PIGS ARE PERFECT!!

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