Hermitcraft UHC VIII 06 Derpy Madness

Hermitcraft UHC VIII 06 Derpy MadnessDon’t miss an episode â-» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKhBhE1lt0_LTC4iMCXU_hqp Bring a friend! Each Hermit invites a friend to play alongside. UHC BLOX made by …

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : May 6th, 2015

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft UHC VIII 06 Derpy Madness”

  1. opem vbs Says:

    Meri: Uhh, where is the ladda?
    X: The ladda?
    Meri: Yeah
    X: The lava
    Meri: Not the lava, the ladda the cow moomoomoo


  2. Jack Mearns Says:

    Before anyone begins to hate on Meri, you have to go watch her perspective,
    and understand that it was VERY late for her. Her brain just wanted to
    sleep at that time.

  3. Keralis Says:

    Haha so intense! The stress levels! :p

  4. spumwack Says:

    Wow, really great job on the intro!

  5. ArchMage365 Says:

    X seeing things from your perspective was amazing your footage for this vid
    made me laugh

  6. EmperorOfTigers Says:

    “Meri!” “I don’t trust you X” I love it

  7. Norberz Says:

    Sounds like meri knows more about the game then you do X

  8. xisumavoid Says:

    Streaming Hermitcraft AMPLIFIED on http://www.twitch.tv/xisuma Come say
    bananas! :-)

  9. ScaricMan Says:

    At 5:12 you look directly at some diamonds in the ceiling above the lava
    pit but don’t see them apparently.

  10. Johnathan Sherbert Says:

    I ship it.

  11. x3Combo Blade Says:

    that last part meri was on the verge of going insane from the border LOL

  12. Alexjgate Says:

    Meir you have got to be the knowledgable and crazy person I know xD

  13. LapisDemon Says:

    *DERPIEST UHC EVER. Period.*

  14. Random Robin EN Says:

    Just great, dem derp xD

    Go Headless-chicken-mode!

  15. MCSG | BlueberryJam Says:

    Why did Meri make a diamond pickaxe when you already had one?

  16. HansoTheBonzo Says:

    Who would have thought that the greatest menace in this UHC would be the
    world border. LOLz

  17. NoJu Says:

    Im sorry Meri for questioning your Diamond pickaxe decision :P

  18. BlackburnBigdragon Says:

    UHC’s are my reason for existing! My wife and I LOVE watching them. My
    dream team pairing would be seeing Keralis and Wifey together in a UHC
    (after some training of course.) It shocked me when I heard you say that
    the community is losing interest in UHC’s when my wife and I love watching
    them so much. They’re our favorite part of the Minecraft Youtube

  19. xisumavoid Says:
  20. TheFlamingAlpacas Says:

    xisuma you said that the iron chestplate was probably better cause it had
    protection 1 but a diamond chestplate is the same as prot 3 iron

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