Hermitcraft UHC VIII 04 Encounter

Hermitcraft UHC VIII 04 EncounterDon’t miss an episode â-» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKhBhE1lt0_LTC4iMCXU_hqp Bring a friend! Each Hermit invites a friend to play alongside. UHC BLOX made by …

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20 Responses to “Hermitcraft UHC VIII 04 Encounter”

  1. xUser52x Says:

    Should have trapped the portal instead of breaking it

  2. nikodem gazur Says:


  3. MrSpillagerGAMING Says:

    The title kinda gave away what will happen, but when you really watch the
    footage, that will really boost up the intensity and the adrenaline. 

  4. JEDi Gamer Says:

    I live it when Meri says some german words!

  5. xisumavoid Says:
  6. Anthony Fox Says:

    On your decision to leave the nether: knowing what you knew at that moment
    it was, IMO, the best choice. Had you been at full health, I think going to
    the fortress would have been better. Fighting Doc and Peter before they got
    potions would have been beneficial.

  7. Purple Turtle Says:

    It was doc and pomes and they had enchanted swords, sharpness 2, so you
    made The right decision to move on

  8. Luke Agajanian Says:

    12:00 Had to pause the video and take a moment to remember Keralis. RIP
    Keralis, we will always remember you. <3

  9. LapisDemon Says:

    OMG X I’m getting a *HEART ATTACK* when I see *>your<* version of this episode.. WTH are you even human \(〇_o)/?! whoa so risk.. Kudos to you }xD

  10. LapisDemon Says:

    OMG Nether Curse part 2 ;-;

  11. davidesp00 Says:

    6:48-6:50 That magma cube be all like “Just ballin'”

  12. John Doe Says:

    Not engaging was the right decision. With what you knew, it was too risky.
    And with what you may not have known (although certain achievements may
    have hinted to this) is that Doc and Pommes had way better gear. (That was
    their portal you came through, btw.) You had basic iron. You guys would
    have needed a successful surprise attack and a lot of things to go very
    right. It could have been ugly.

    However, I think it was the wrong decision to not to stay and try to find
    another nether fortress where Doc and Pommes wouldn’t be. Potions are
    extremely valuable in UHC. You don’t need that many golden apples if you
    have health pots. I think you could have found a few diamonds needed for
    enchanting and such, and owned most teams with enchanted iron gear and the
    potions. And if you couldn’t find any, strength and health potions would
    probably be enough to let you kill diamond equipped players other teams and
    get their diamond gear. There’s no requirement for you to have to find it
    yourself. You just would have to avoid other potion teams like Doc and
    Pommes until you got more diamond gear.

  13. Aerielle Garcia Says:

    i think i just died 10 times from heart attack watching you in the nether

  14. Miles Says:

    Heading back was the right decision in the end. They were way more geared
    up then you.

  15. cosmodewit Says:

    First: that magma cube at 6:48 was hilarious.
    Second: you should place a trapdoor above the cauldron against another
    block. This way you fall straight into the cauldron running into the
    Third: have a nice day. :)

  16. Naj Paj Says:

    If I were in that situation I would have said go for it and use lava
    buckets. Or as someone else said camp at the portal and trap them, you know
    they won’t stay in the nether for long. Probably leave as soon as they find
    netherwart and blaze rods.

  17. kacee Says:

    Kill them all please but not meri :p

  18. Rodri Nicolau Says:

    Noone ever noticed that after getting the nether wart, you can actually
    make a box arround the portal and start farming for gold, if someone comes
    in, you just pour lava on top of them or just reckt them with your sword…
    plus, maybe, there’s some glitch and pigmen start getting agro at other
    players :P

  19. blitzprog Says:

    Each time I create and show UHC montages from Xisuma’s point of view for my
    family to watch my father always says “THIS GUY IS COMPLETELY CRAZY” (he’s
    a minecraft player too)
    He’s pretty much expecting seeing you in the nether, but this encounter
    will spice things up this season. :)

  20. Ranjith Ramkishore Says:

    X and meri you make a wonderful team , honestly never seen X play UHC like
    this with anyone else before …so ms.LapisDemon consider yourself lucky?
    ;) :D

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