Hermitcraft UHC VIII 02 Mineshafts Endless

Hermitcraft UHC VIII 02 Mineshafts EndlessDon’t miss an episode â-» https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKhBhE1lt0_LTC4iMCXU_hqp Bring a friend! Each Hermit invites a friend to play alongside. UHC BLOX made by …

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Filed under xisumavoid : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft UHC VIII 02 Mineshafts Endless”

  1. Jet Lag Says:

    +LapisDemon has a dirty mind! :3

  2. Fabimann Blubbermann Says:

    You didnt say “see you in the next episode” :(

  3. xisumavoid Says:
  4. shoorayner1 Says:

    I only watch this season to listen to Xisuma’s partner…

  5. bugmancx Says:

    We want the string for the bows!” .. cobwebs :)

  6. IceMetalPunk Says:

    “Luckily, I can navigate…wait, I went the wrong way.” XD

  7. Mewcancraft Says:

    6:56 Xisuma did you just call her “honey”?

  8. nowymail Says:

    Just stop UHC and start a wonderful survival series in the mine shafts.

  9. Connor McNabb Says:

    SPOILERS Xsimaus was slain by jevin
    Meri was slain by docm77

  10. Speedy Sloth Says:

    This video was uploaded 32 seconds ago.. GG

  11. SMR MC Says:

    No!! Bad luck Xisuma! It’s not your fault that False 420 noscoped you in
    club penguin and the trauma sank deep through your skull consequently
    forcing you to jump into lava. The fully enchanted gear that she had didn’t
    really help either.

  12. DocESAR MC Says:

    6:57 Now I’m curious as to if there’s some special reason for you calling
    her honey!

  13. Animiles Says:

    Good luck X ‘n M :D

  14. Felix Kjellberg Says:

    I love how dominant X is in UHC, and how dominant Meri is in the
    commentsection. :3

  15. OverLordFreshGains Says:

    It pains me that you didnt wanna take that gold from the ravine

  16. Nick Nasty Says:

    With your reputation she won’t make it out of the nether.

  17. Bacon2110 Says:

    Aww GG Xisuma, can’t believe Etho came in as a suprise guest and killed

  18. MaxSeinsei Says:

    Long time since I didn’t see such a stressed Xisuma x)

  19. Claude Wakes Says:

    “Oh god this is… this is so risk.” -Xisuma 2015

  20. LapisDemon Says:

    YAY under 301 club \ö/
    – I always wanted to say that }xD
    *Let the DERP MADNESS begin!* <3

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