Hermitcraft s2 ep.5 – Triple Witch Huts and 1.7 Village – Minecraft

Hermitcraft s2 ep.5 - Triple Witch Huts and 1.7 Village - MinecraftShortcuts below /// Checking out the base, the triple witch huts and the 1.7 village. 0:00 Intro 2:25 Witch farm issues 4:00 Progress on base – main hall 5:5…

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Filed under Red3yz : Comments (20) : Jan 7th, 2014

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft s2 ep.5 – Triple Witch Huts and 1.7 Village – Minecraft”

  1. Jordan815 Says:

    Yay more red3yz!!!!!

  2. Hypno Says:

    Awww yeah another red3yz video!

  3. EenRandomPizzaDoos Says:

    Amazing video Redy3z ! You made my day :)

  4. spumwack Says:

    Good god that thing is incredible

  5. John madden Says:

    sweet base! and good video!

  6. Yume10605 Says:

    glade to see you making vids again missed you

  7. red3yz Says:
  8. ZekeDG Says:

    Maybe instead of a balcony make something like a path to an overlook or
    something like fences on the cliff so it looks more natural, idk. Great
    video too btw!

  9. EliyaNef Says:

    Don’t see *that* every day…

  10. EdsTrip (CptKillFeeds) Says:

    I going to make the intro song my intro song :P Is that okay? :)

  11. Matt Lowe Says:

    Please upload more!:) Love the videos

  12. forbidtuna Says:

    Fire aspect and looting cancel then selfs out so it’s a lower chance either
    kill by fire tic or looting

  13. KingDaddyDMAC Says:

    awww your always so hard on yourself +red3yz
    you always have amazing videos!!!
    lovin all the new add-ons to the base, can’t wait to come visit again soon

  14. sl1pg8r Says:

    Great to hear you’ve found more time! Also, I kinda like the ceiling. I
    think you’re right about the weird shape. ;) Double also, I was in your
    base today and I played with that Blingcase for about 20 mins! LOL! 

  15. ZombieCleo Says:

    That sword would take pride of place in the weapons display ;)

  16. dro Says:

    Monkeyfarm’s mansion is looking as pretty as always!

  17. ToRe Says:

    You are to hard on yourself, love all your videos. The base is looking

  18. Aldo Rocks Says:

    The ceiling looks good as it is dude you shouldn’t change it.

  19. sl1pg8r Says:

    Triple also, thanks for the shout dude! 

  20. Emi Cheese Says:

    I didn’t thought it was possible, but your base looks even more epic now.
    Good job!

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