Hermitcraft s2 ep.3 – Free Iron!

Hermitcraft s2 ep.3 - Free Iron!Shortcuts Below /// Checking out my new iron farm, doing some building and a few random things on Hermitcraft :) 0:00 Intro 0:45 Flower farm glass upgrade 3:10 Iron farm 5:15 Moving villagers…

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Filed under Red3yz : Comments (20) : Nov 7th, 2013

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft s2 ep.3 – Free Iron!”

  1. TheOfficialCrow Says:

    Awesome episode!

  2. Vine Says:

    8+8+3 = not 21, red3yz.

  3. sl1pg8r Says:

    Pixel Peeker Polka FTW! Love that tune :) 

  4. Martin Mansour Says:

    Cool timelaps! Keep it up man

  5. FrogBasher Says:

    Including the outer walls he meant. Just missed that bit!

  6. ClayterzMedia Says:

    Another great vid Red

  7. minnerfred Says:

    Great video Red!

  8. mawane2 Says:

    I love your new song Angel !

  9. mawane2 Says:

    lol, you and Zisteauu saying nether rack instead of nether brick. It’s not a criticism, just something funny I realised ^^

  10. mawane2 Says:

    Next episode: The making of the storage room!

  11. conkeylp Says:

    Awesome, another video! I’m so glad your back. You’ve been my source of inspiration for a while now. I love your creativity and all your old videos. It sucks how simple things are now, it was awesome when you had your factory on your SSP with the Minecart mob sorting system :)

  12. JoseppiGaming Says:

    New pc red?

  13. TeamHeavyHitters13 Says:

    I have to say, as much as I liked the old base, I like this one better lol

  14. Fatbaybe123 Says:

    8+8+3=19 not 21

  15. jack smith Says:

    More hermitcraft vids please :):):)

  16. chase9106 Says:

    Always very interesting designs and constructed videos. Always look forward to watching you. You keep me in touch with things in minecraft i cannot do or create

  17. XSnowShockX35 Says:

    Great Video Red3yz

  18. Hightscribe Says:

    Super de te voir jouer à minecraft à nouveau, j’attends les prochaines vidéos avec impatience! :)

  19. xisumavoid Says:

    I think cleo might have moved the cats there with her cooked fish! :P

  20. KHaL Yeleytr Says:

    I see a potential problem. Some of the wooden doors of the iron farm are on foot level. Zombies could go there and break them. Maybe you should put some protection?
    I like how you used the camera in the building timelapse. I’m not sure about your song, but it’s great that the music is back.

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