Hermitcraft s2 ep.2 – Crop Farms 1

Hermitcraft s2 ep.2 - Crop Farms 1Shortcuts Below /// Getting back into recording after a long break. Looking at some farms while i give the worst explanations ever! 0:00 Intro 1:36 Quick loo…

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Filed under Red3yz : Comments (20) : Nov 4th, 2013

20 Responses to “Hermitcraft s2 ep.2 – Crop Farms 1”

  1. Sofkill10 Says:

    So gland to see you back here! Always happy to see some of your work Red! I really enjoy your video! :)

  2. Owen Cappellini Says:

    Do prank with the eggs

  3. rekozma Says:

    great to see you back buddy. You Tube losing a great guy like you would have be tragic. I am just happy you where getting your work on. figuratively speaking.

  4. massticlezors Says:

    Welcome back!

  5. MaxxOri Says:

    Nice to see you back! Best of luck as always.

  6. rekozma Says:

    ditto miss the heck out of him. he doesn’t put out many videos but what he does put out is always worth watching. I never miss an episode he releases. one of a kind fella.

  7. cnawan Says:

    I like the red and brown carpet myself, it makes it seem cosy for such a large space :3

  8. foooeey Says:

    So good to hear you back :)

  9. Dcbloomer Says:

    back in black or red either way your back

  10. Eugene Marinack Says:

    Oh my god, Redeyez. I missed you… Welcome back, again! <3

  11. icemanslair Says:

    Welcome back! :)

  12. devin95172 Says:

    Have mumbo build you a piston elevator if your having problems with stairs :D

  13. LZ gaming Says:

    It was so amazing seeing your video in my subscriptions-feed! :)

  14. diamond craft Says:

    U need to do more man its sooooo awesome

  15. mawkee Says:

    YAY!! Red3yz HermitCraft! I’m happy again

  16. CareandCompassion Says:

    Loved it, I would love to see more

  17. Owen Cappellini Says:

    Use cyan clay or the brown clay

  18. Kona12898 Says:

    Nice to see you back! Loved the video. Keep it up :)

  19. rekozma Says:

    Red3yz is really good with red stone I think he could build that himself if he wanted it. just sayin’ not tryin’ to troll you or anything but I have been following Red3yz for over a year and he is very red stone capable. Mumbo is great and all but Red3yz is a do it himself kinda guy. just a little Hermit Craft Fact he is the one that found the seed for the last season. the seed was 2

  20. Lane Scroggin Says:

    Keep it up redeyez

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